Tracy Anderson


Tracy K. Anderson has worked as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant for 20 years, contributing work to Stewart Painting, Snow's Home and Garden, and Edible Cape Cod. Today, she serves as Director of Communications at Cape and Islands United Way. The recipient of a B.S. in Journalism from Syracuse University, Ms. Anderson lives with her son in Yarmouthport, MA. Tracy K. Anderson on LinkedIn

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12 Space-Saving Solutions for Tiny Bedrooms

A small bedroom can present big design challenges. When there's a depressingly finite amount of square footage to play with, must-haves like a bed and a dresser can be stubborn in their ...

12 DIY Ways to Dress Up Your House for Fall

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10 Ways to Make Office Supplies Work Overtime

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9 Simple DIY Ways to Reinvent Your Kitchen Cabinets

Bad cabinetry is like bad pizza: it has no place in anyone's kitchen. Dark, dingy, and outdated cabinetry can age an otherwise attractive kitchen. And because cabinets are so expensive to...

Before and After: 5 "No Renovation" Bathroom Makeovers

Dated cabinetry. Tarnished or tired fixtures. Wood paneling from bygone decades. If a bathroom blight is giving you the blues, you might not need to go into full renovation mode to make i...

JULY 28, 2015 | TUESDAY
12 Unusual Ways to Reinvent Old Sports Gear

You may not describe yourself as a sports enthusiast, but chances are that your garage or attic contains a surplus of extra athletic equipment. Don't let old golf clubs or damaged basketb...

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Weekend Projects: Get Cooking with a DIY Grill

For charring kebabs at afternoon barbecue or roasting s'mores at sunset, the grill is arguably the most classic—more than that, most important—of summer staples. While our favorite commer...

MAY 14, 2015 | THURSDAY
8 New Ideas for DIY Outdoor Lighting

Sure, days are longer in summer, but still not quite long enough to squeeze in all the seasonal fun. Stay out after dusk when you light the night with these 8 DIY luminaries, lamps, and l...

APRIL 24, 2015 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Designs for a DIY Rain Barrel

These days, it would be hard to ignore the need for water conservation. Due to drought conditions, California now enforces strict water regulations, and it may be the first of many states...