Tracy Anderson


Tracy has worked as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant for more than 16 years. During that time, she also opened and ran an eclectic wine shop on Cape Cod with her sister. She and her son Max, 10, live in Yarmouthport.

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JULY 17, 2015 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: Get Cooking with a DIY Grill

For charring kebabs at afternoon barbecue or roasting s'mores at sunset, the grill is arguably the most classic—more than that, most important—of summer staples. While our favorite co...

MAY 14, 2015 | THURSDAY
8 New Ideas for DIY Outdoor Lighting

Sure, days are longer in summer, but still not quite long enough to squeeze in all the seasonal fun. Stay out after dusk when you light the night with these 8 DIY luminaries, lamps, and l...

APRIL 24, 2015 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Designs for a DIY Rain Barrel

These days, it would be hard to ignore the need for water conservation. Due to drought conditions, California now enforces strict water regulations, and it may be the first of many states...

Refresh Your Home with 8 Easy Outdoor Paint Projects

If winter has left your outdoor spaces in need of a pick-me-up, let a can of paint come to the rescue. There's nothing a fresh coat of color can't fix! Click through for 8 easy paint proj...

9 Ways to Use Cork Around the House

When you think of cork, your first thought might be of a bulletin board pinned with reminders, but cork's handiness knows no bounds. This renewable resource is actually one of the most ve...

MARCH 27, 2015 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Sunny DIY Window Seats

Seating and storage—is there ever enough of either? Enter the window seat, the dreamy solution that marries function with style. Whether you need an extra chair, a cozy reading nook, or a...

7 New Ways to Use Old Windows

Spring promises all things fresh: flowers, air, even perspectives. What better time to a dust off an old window or two for a different point of view? These glass panes are infinitely vers...

MARCH 13, 2015 | FRIDAY
5 Things to Do with... Eggshells

Delicious and versatile, eggs are on the ingredients list for countless favorite recipes. But while the yolks and the whites go into breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, the eggshells typica...

5 Things to Do with... Drop Cloths

With any number of do-it-yourself projects, be it wall painting or window replacement, a prudent first step is to spread drop cloths over the flooring and furniture. What you may not have...

9 New Things to Do with Old Ladders

The thrift store, a neighbor's junk pile, Craigslist, or your own garage—just a few of the places where you can probably get your hands on an old ladder that’s doing little else but colle...