Tracy Anderson


Tracy K. Anderson has worked as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant for 20 years, contributing work to Stewart Painting, Snow's Home and Garden, and Edible Cape Cod. Today, she serves as Director of Communications at Cape and Islands United Way. The recipient of a B.S. in Journalism from Syracuse University, Ms. Anderson lives with her son in Yarmouthport, MA. Tracy K. Anderson on LinkedIn

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APRIL 11, 2014 | FRIDAY
10 Ideas to Steal from Picture-Perfect Patios

The <i>patio</i>, from the Spanish for "courtyard," is an open-air living space that creates a transition between your home and the great outdoors. Patios are wonderful places to relax, t...

APRIL 11, 2014 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Easy and Elegant DIY Canopy Beds

We tend to think of canopy beds as being romantic, glamorous, and perhaps a bit showy. Yet their origins are humble. Back in the Middle Ages, people cordoned off their sleeping areas behi...

18 Bathroom Updates You Can Do in a Day

The bathroom may not be the venue of choice for your next social gathering, but on any given day, it receives a number of visitors—and for that reason alone, it's worth paying extra atten...

APRIL 4, 2014 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Unique Coasters You Can Easily Create

In bars and restaurants, drink coasters often bear the logos and slogans of popular beverage brands. At home, DIY coasters are equally communicative, but rather than promote businesses, t...

Spreading Out: 14 Ways to Get More Counter Space

Counter space. No matter how big the kitchen, you hardly ever hear anyone complaining that there's too much of it. Especially in a compact kitchen, clear counters are a precious commodity...

MARCH 21, 2014 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Clever Designs for a DIY Curtain Rod

Details: They make a house a home. Every element you add to serve a purpose also offers an opportunity to personalize your space. Curtain rods are no exception. Functionally, these metal,...

MARCH 18, 2014 | TUESDAY
8 Brilliant DIY Ways to Reinvent Your Dinnerware

If you're like me, you enjoy mixing things up from time to time just to keep life interesting. This especially applies to home decor. Giving your personal space a facelift can be as easy ...

MARCH 14, 2014 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Very Versatile DIY Ottomans

Available in all shapes and sizes and with or without built-in storage features, ottomans are among the most versatile pieces of furniture that a person can own. In a space with limited s...

MARCH 7, 2014 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Marvelous Mirrors You Can Make in a Day

There's more to a mirror than just seeing yourself in its glass. For one thing, because they reflect natural and artificial light, mirrors can make rooms appear larger. They add character...

Weekend Projects: 5 Flat-Out Wonderful DIY Platform Beds

Platform beds never go out of style—unlike, say, platform shoes, but that's a different story. Appropriate in a range of decorating schemes, the long-and-low design of a platform bed appe...