Window Placement and Installation

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 3, Part 2

The roof structure begins to take shape in this episode, which focuses on the asphalt shingle installation. The crew takes us through the steps of the shingling process, from the flashing and underlayment, to the precise layout of each course.

On the ground, Ryley and framing contractor Kevin Parquette are installing windows. Also, Bob explores the home designs of the firm of noted 20th-century architect Royal Barry Wills, an avid proponent of preserving historical accuracy and proportion in designing elegant, sensible houses for modern living.
Part 1: Building a Pitched Roof
Part 2: Window Placement and Installation
Bob looks at the order and placement of the windows on the facade of the modern Colonial. Upon closer inspection, the classically inspired fenestration, size, type, and placement of the windows, differs slightly from floor to floor.

On the first floor, the windows are larger than the on the second floor, allowing more light into the living spaces of the home. The windows are from Andersen's 400 Series with energy-efficient low-E glass. They have solid wood frames with a low-maintenance Perma-Shield clad exterior for resistance to rust, pitting, and corrosion. This makes them especially well-suited to coastal environments. The interior surfaces are available prefinished in white or unfinished pine.

Bob Ryley and Kevin Parquette install what is technically a triple-hung window in the great room on the front facade. Ryley applies a bead of vinyl caulk to all three sides but not the bottom of the window. The rough opening has house wrap and felt paper around it affording a double moisture barrier against driving rain.
Part 3: Cape Cod-Style Architecture and Royal Barry Wills
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