Cape Cod-Style Architecture and Royal Barry Wills

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 3, Part 3

The roof structure begins to take shape in this episode, which focuses on the asphalt shingle installation. The crew takes us through the steps of the shingling process, from the flashing and underlayment, to the precise layout of each course.

On the ground, Ryley and framing contractor Kevin Parquette are installing windows. Also, Bob explores the home designs of the firm of noted 20th-century architect Royal Barry Wills, an avid proponent of preserving historical accuracy and proportion in designing elegant, sensible houses for modern living.
Part 1: Building a Pitched Roof
Part 2: Window Placement and Installation
Part 3: Cape Cod-Style Architecture and Royal Barry Wills
Bob visits Cape Cod with Dick Wills, who is carrying on the work of his father, architect Royal Barry Wills. Beginning in the 1920s, the senior Wills popularized traditional New England-style architecture.

According to his son, he was so impressed by the scale and proportion our forefathers maintained that he dedicated his considerable energies to adapting those elements for modern families. Along with the traditional Colonial, Wills also appreciated the qualities of the New England Cape, a style that is simpler and generally smaller than the Colonial.

Dick Wills takes Bob on a tour around his own Cape-style home, pointing out unique architectural features that highlight the flexibility of the style.
Part 4: Architectural Possibilties in a Modern Cape