Gas Fireplace Installation

The crew from The Ironhouse hooks up with Dan DeMagistris of Heat-N-Glo to install the fireplace.

Clip Summary

The crew from The Ironhouse joins Dan DeMagistris of Heat-N-Glo to install the fireplace. This fireplace, which has been selected for the dining room, is taller than it is wide, which makes it look like a traditional Count Rumsford fireplace. Because of the proportions it has a raised burner for aesthetic purposes to bring the flame up to fill out the area.

The fireplace can be mounted right into the opening as it only requires a one-half-inch clearance. The diningroom fireplace is positioned in a framed area contiguous to the garage with the ductwork traveling through the wall into the garage, taking a sharp turn, then passing out through the front wall of the house.

The fireplace is vented with an eight-inch direct vent double-walled pipe. The exhaust is carried through the pipe to the outdoors and fresh air for combustion is drawn from the outside into the combustion box.

This is a totally radiant fireplace. The heats passes into the room through the glass panel. There is no convection system.