Tour of the Jackson Homestead in Newton, MA

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 8, Part 2

With a growing number of people working from home these days, it's important to have sufficient power for home office needs. Ron Ford from Kohler joins Bob onsite to talk about a new Kohler Generator system being installed for just that purpose.

On the other end of the house, new Wayne-Dalton Carriage House garage doors are being installed (for use with a Craftsman garage door opener). Also, Bob tours the Jackson homestead in Newton, MA.
Part 1: Installing a Home Back-Up Generator
Part 2: Tour of the Jackson Homestead in Newton, MA
Bob takes a tour of the Jackson Homestead in Newton, MA. David Olson is on hand to talk about the Jackson family, who made their name as candle makers. The museum features a number of exhibits, including Native American displays, abolitionist memorabilia (the home was a stop on the Underground Railroad), and a history of the Newton area.
Part 3: Installing Carriage-Style Garage Doors
Part 4: Heavy-Duty Garage Door Opener and Features