Fabricating and Installing Colonial-Style Wood Wall Panels

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 10, Part 1

Bob Ryley is installing a paneling system in the dining room that was modeled after the Winslow-Crocker home in Yarmouthport, MA. Howard Brickman is putting the finishing touches on the floor before joining Bob at the site of a sister project. Also, a new Carlisle Eastern White Pine floor is being installed in an upstairs bedroom to give it an antique feel. All the while, Howard is using cut nails from the Tremont Nail factory, which Bob tours.
Part 1: Fabricating and Installing Colonial-Style Wood Wall Panels
Carpenter Bob Ryley is on location to begin work on a reproduction wood-paneled wall in the modern Colonial home's formal dining area. The wall panels were inspired by a visit to the Winslow Crocker house, a 1790 example of Colonial architecture on Cape Cod. They will be made from knot-free, select grade pine.

After discussing the room's layout and consulting an architectural rendering, Ryley begins to cut, assemble, and dry fit the panel elements. Ryley first mills the vertical trim pieces, called stiles, and the horizontal rails on a router table. Next, a wall panel is milled from three boards which have been glued and clamped overnight.

Finally, Bob and Ryley begin to temporarily assemble the panels on the wall. Once all the pieces of the wall panels have been test fit, final assembly can begin.
Part 2: Installing Hardwood Flooring with Screws and Plugs
Part 3: Touring the Tremont Nail Mill