Installing Interior Window Casings and Sill

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 11, Part 4

The dining room paneling is almost finished, and Bob talks with Ben LaRochelle from Drummond Designs to learn how they fabricated the design plans from architectural models, stock plans, and lot requirements using a laptop computer.

Upstairs, Bob Ryley is hard at work in the master bedroom, beginning with a door installation leading into the master bathroom. Jim Daniels from Woodport is on hand to discuss the features of the door with Bob. Finally, Ryley works on trimming out the doorframe and windows.
Part 1: Custom Home Design Using Computer Software
Part 2: Hanging an Engineered Wood Six-Panel Door
Part 3: Shimming, Centering, and Hanging a Door
Part 4: Installing Interior Window Casings and Sill
Bob Ryley tackles window trim in the master bedroom of the new Colonial. He begins with the windowsill, which is pre-drilled through its leading edge and then secured with 10-penny nails. The first side casing is nailed into place, leaving a 3/16-inch reveal along the window jamb. The top casing is nailed and glued to insure that the boards don't move.

After the remaining side casing is hung, the bottom apron is attached. Finally, precut corner return pieces are glued onto the apron to complete the job. The entire assembly will be painted later.