Hand Crafting Reproduction Moldings

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 12, Part 3

Brent Hull from Hull Historical Millwork is on-site to talk about the WindsorONE crown moldings featured in the dining room. To complete the molding installation, carpenter Bob Ryley and crew set up shop. The installation of the five-piece crown molding is an advanced carpentry project, which Ryley demonstrates.

With traditional woodworking and reproduction craftwork in mind, Bob visits Robert Adam, an instructor at the North Bennet Street School to talk about the school's preservation carpentry program. Adam and student Nick Beasley join Bob back at the project house to handcraft the fireplace molding with traditional hand planes.
Part 1: Designing and Crafting Historical Reproduction Crown Molding
Part 2: History of the North Bennet Street School
Part 3: Hand Crafting Reproduction Moldings
Robert Adam from the North Bennet Street School demonstrates the tools and techniques used to handcraft reproduction moldings. Using a millwork profile found in the Winslow-Crocker House, Adam uses a selection of antique hand tools to recreate the molding using century-old techniques.