Recreating a Colonial Garden

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 13, Part 1

Bob turns his attention to exterior work on the house, starting with a tour of Mahoney's Nursery led by landscape designer Ruth Foster.

Foster explains which plants she's chosen and how they fit into the Colonial's design scheme. Back on site, the crew from Mahoney's is hard at work planting, and Foster walks Bob through her design, which includes a geometric garden in the center.

To keep lawn and landscape in top shape, a crew from Just Irrigation is installing a RainBird sprinkler system.
Part 1: Recreating a Colonial Garden
Bob and landscape designer Ruth Foster tour Mahoney's Garden Center to discuss landscape elements for the project house. Foster's focus is on the pieces selected for the English-style garden that will be the centerpiece of the front yard. She offers insight into the style and features of a traditional Colonial-style landscape.
Part 2: Designing an Elizabethan Garden and Naturalistic Landscaping
Part 3: Shrub Planting Techniques
Part 4: Garden Irrigation System Installation