Building Wooden Stairs in the Front Hall

Interior carpenter John Kiley is building the staircase in the front hall.

Clip Summary

Interior carpenter John Kiley is hard at work on the staircase in the front hall. The pre-cut risers have already been hung, and he's measured the rise and the run of the stairs.

Kiley hangs the poplar stringers, which have been plowed to receive the treads, then applies a bead of glue to the back. Next, he screws them in from behind. Once the stringers are attached, the whole staircase is ready to slide into place.

To attach the treads, Kiley uses a construction adhesive between the stringers and the bottom of the tread, and carpenter's glue along the edge of the stringers. The treads are placed on top and nailed into the riser from above and then screwed with 1-1/4-inch screws from the back.

The final step is to insert wedges underneath to insure the staircase remains sturdy.