Manufacturing Marble Kitchen Countertops

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 16, Part 3

Bob focuses on the work being done in the kitchen. First, Darcie Miller from Wellborn explains the cabinet layout and outlines the design plan. Then, carpenter Paul Anderson starts the installation, while Bob is joined by John Wellborn, who talks about the cabinets themselves.

Later, Bob discusses the countertops with Evan Zgonis from Olympia Marble and Granite, and takes a tour of their fabrication center. Finally, the new granite countertop is delivered to the jobsite and installed.
Part 1: Kitchen Cabinet Design
Part 2: Kitchen Cabinet Installation
Part 3: Manufacturing Marble Kitchen Countertops
Evan Zgonis of Olympia Marble and Granite gives Bob a tour of the facility where the kitchen countertops being used in the modern Colonial project house are manufactured.

The marble slabs are brought in from the yard by crane. Once the slabs are brought in, the majority of the process is then automated. The first step in the countertop fabrication process is to square off the edges of the slab with a water saw. After that, the marble is brought to a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine. The machine's cutting head is controlled by a computer that has been programmed with the dimensions for the countertop design.

The designs were created from a template made on-site. The key points are marked on the slab and, using a CAD program, they are then fed into the computer. The machine can make complex cuts by utilizing different blades and manipulating the slab, all automatically.
Part 4: Installing Marble Kitchen Countertops