Picket Fence Installation

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 17, Part 1

Bob talks with Jay Triandafilou (from Architectural Fence) as the crew works to install the perimeter fence. In the master bedroom, Dave Herbert joins Bob to talk about Whirlpool's new Personal Valet, a "clothes vitalizing system", being installed in the closet. Meanwhile, carpenter Bob Ryley is in the workshop preparing materials needed to build custom storage spaces for the walk-in closet.
Part 1: Picket Fence Installation
Jay Triandafilou and a crew from Architectural Fence are on location to install the exterior fence in this episode. The fence is a square spindle ornamental picket fence made from white cedar with an opaque stain finish.

The fence is installed section by section, progressing along the length of its run. The first step is to determine the landscape's grade and to set the first support post directly into the ground at a predetermined height.

Postholes are dug using a mini Bobcat-like skid steer that is fitted with a boring attachment. The crew first digs a posthole about three feet deep, then makes fine adjustments to the hole's depth with a shovel.

With the post in the hole, it is checked for level and plumb, and then the hole is backfilled. Next, a section of the fence is brought in and attached to the post. The fence is checked for level and plumb before being secured, and then the next post is installed.
Part 2: Features of the Personal Valet Clothes Freshening System
Part 3: Built-In Closet Storage Installation