Working With Pre-Finished Windows

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 18, Part 1

Bob catches up on the work taking place inside the modern Colonial house. First, Vila and Gary Prevedini from Andersen talk about the features of the windows in the great room, and painter John Fish gives Bob a little \primer\" on proper painting techniques . Interior designer Leslie Curtis is on site to tour the house and explain the different color ideas she has for each room. (Use's Paint Designer for more help on choosing interior paint colors.) Finally
Part 1: Working With Pre-Finished Windows
Gary Prevedini (from Andersen) is on-site talking about the pre-finished windows in the great room. The windows' finish is applied electrostatically, a process that protects the wood core and prevents swelling and shrinking as the humidity content of the surrounding area changes. The windows' finish also saves time on the job site, because the windows arrive ready to be hung.

A white finish was chosen for the project house's windows (a variety of additional colors are also available). Should the homeowner wish to change the window trim color in the future, the factory finish can be painted.
Part 2: Interior Painting Preparation
Part 3: Lyman Estate Tour
Part 4: Decorating the Master Bedroom