Touring the Blackwell Parlor at Winterthur

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 22, Part 3

Bob focuses on the decorative interior finish work at the modern Colonial. First, he meets New England artisans Polly and Ken Forcier, who stenciling in the parlor. Ken explains how he uses a series of stencils to create a multi-layer design, and Bob tries his hand at the process. Offsite, Bob tours a selection of famous parlors featuring American decorative arts.
Part 1: Wall Stenciling
Part 2: Tour the Tappahannock Room at Winterthur
Part 3: Touring the Blackwell Parlor at Winterthur
After a brief stop to admire some fine cabinetry work attributed to the Dunlap family of New Hampshire, Bob tours one of Winterthur's most ornate rooms. The high-style architecture of the Blackwell Parlor features elaborate pediments above the doors and a fireplace mantel with intricately carved friezes evoking Philadelphia Rococo style.

The work is among the most highly-regarded examples of craftsmanship of the mid-18th century. The room's furniture with its hairy paw feet and elaborate carving, attributed to Philadelphia's General John Cadwalader, represents the most sophisticated high-style furnishings of the era.
Part 4: Wall Stenciling, Continued