Selecting and Installing Window Treatments

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 23, Part 1

Interior designer Leslie Curtis is back on-site, as is Kevin Murphy from Smith + Noble, who's hanging the new window treatments in the dining room. On an opposing wall, Curtis has chosen to frame and hang examples of antique wallpaper. In the workshop, Ron and Tracy Lindholm (from Cape Cod Picture Framing) show Bob how they assembled and decorated the frames. Offsite, Bob visits the McLellen House at the Portland Museum of Art in Portland, ME.
Part 1: Selecting and Installing Window Treatments
Bob and interior designer Leslie Curtis discuss the window treatments, while Kevin Murphy (from Smith + Noble) finishes up installation of the company's window treatment hardware.

Curtis chose a twisted rod made from Mahogany and located the curtain rod brackets outside of the window's frame for a better view of the home's landscaping.

The curtains are shipped with the rings attached and are ready to hang once they are unpacked. Bob screws the first finial into the predrilled hole in the curtain rod and slides the rod through the curtain rings. Then, the second finial is attached and the rod is simply placed on the wall brackets.

Curtis ordered curtains slightly long to create a slight puddle of fabric at the floor for a more formal look.
Part 2: Tour of the McLellan House in Portland, ME
Part 3: Picture Framing