Picture Framing

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 23, Part 3

Interior designer Leslie Curtis is back on-site, as is Kevin Murphy from Smith + Noble, who's hanging the new window treatments in the dining room. On an opposing wall, Curtis has chosen to frame and hang examples of antique wallpaper. In the workshop, Ron and Tracy Lindholm (from Cape Cod Picture Framing) show Bob how they assembled and decorated the frames. Offsite, Bob visits the McLellen House at the Portland Museum of Art in Portland, ME.
Part 1: Selecting and Installing Window Treatments
Part 2: Tour of the McLellan House in Portland, ME
Part 3: Picture Framing
Interior designer Leslie Curtis shows off another of her decorating ideas in the dining room. She's chosen to frame a sample of a historic wallpaper pattern. The frames were created by Ron and Tracy Lindholm from Cape Cod Picture Framing.

Bob joins Ron and his daughter Tracy in the garage workshop to learn about the process of constructing a frame. The first step is to choose moldings that will allow the creation of a rabbet that will hold the glass and the picture. Ron selected a few examples from a local lumberyard.

Next, Ron combines two of the pieces using wood glue and a few nails. After cutting the moldings, he uses a corner clamp to hold the pieces together at a 45-degree angle. To secure the pieces, Ron applies carpenter's glue and a few nails.

Once the frame is assembled, Tracy applies an antique finish. After priming the bare wood, she applies two or three coats of gold spray paint. She then mixes a combination of paste wax and pigment, such as Japan paint, to age the newly painted surface. Using a damp brush, she stipples a thin layer of the finish on the frame and then wipes away the excess to create highlights.