Installing a Therma-Tru Pre-Hung Door

Project: Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable, Episode 13, Part 1

These affordable homes are built using time and labor-saving products like the Therma-Tru pre-hung exterior door that has fiberglass skins on the interior and exterior faces, with a high-density polyurethane core for an R-value that is five times higher than wood. Bob walks through the basics of pre-hung door installation with Michael McDevitt of Therma-Tru Doors and general contractor Wes Lohr of Lohr Construction. Inside, Bob meets with Tom Sullivan of Bellawood for the installation of their natural Maple hardwood flooring. The planks are laid out to create an aesthetically pleasing non-squeak floor with rosin paper installed underneath. LeafGuard gutters are fabricated on site by GutterPro and installed to divert debris and capture water as it travels over the cover and into the gutter underneath. Inside the rooms are being trimmed out with affordable doors and trim stock. Jeld-Wen pre-hung, pre-trimmed, molded wood-fiber doors are installed throughout the house. These affordable doors come ready-to-install and are priced to include the lockset. The primed, finger-jointed wood trim from Stock Supply is cut and installed around the windows.
Part 1: Installing a Therma-Tru Pre-Hung Door
Bob is joined by Michael McDevitt of Therma-Tru Doors as Wes Lohr and his crew prepare for the installation of the pre-hung exterior door. Lohr has created a lead pan at the entry that laps up the sides and down the front of the opening and is then covered in silicon to make a weatherproof seal with the door assembly. The door itself has pressure-molded fiberglass skins with raised panels on the interior and exterior faces. These skins sit over a high-density polyurethane core with wood blocks at the lock set, sides, top, and bottom of the door for custom fitting and improved strength. The door is pre-hung and secured to keep it square until installed. To properly install a pre-hung door, the door assembly must be screwed into the jamb, not the casing, since only the jamb is structural and can prevent the door from sagging. Lohr and his crew tack the door into the opening, check it for square, then open it and screw it into place, through the jambs. Therma-Tru leaves two pre-drilled screw holes at the top of the door to screw it into the top jamb and prevent the door from sagging in. Once in place, the door only needs one coat of latex paint.
Part 2: Discussing the Bellawood Maple Hardwood Floor
Part 3: LeafGuard Gutters Installed
Part 4: Pre-Hung Affordable Doors and Installing Pre-Primed Wood Molding
This project deals with two very different notions of home. Bob begins on New York City's Upper West Side, where an 1890s Brownstone is revitalized through high-quality craftsmanship and sensitive design. New York's past meets its present, as the entire floor is recaptured and refurbished to create a spacious urban apartment on the doorstep of Central Park.

At the same time, Bob works with a Cape Cod developer to apply Massachusetts land use statute 40B to create affordable housing, and a neighborhood of homes in Mashpee, MA. These Energy Star certified homes show how quality building practices and reasonable asking prices can work together to provide livable, affordable homes and neighborhoods to those who work in our communities.