Kinetico Water Purification System and Gas-Fired Water Heater

Bob explains how the Kinetico water purification system works and reviews the A.O. Smith ProMax 75 gas-fired water heater.

Clip Summary

Bob explains how the Kinetico water purification system works. The system uses kinetic energy created by the flow of the water itself to filter out minerals, such as iron oxide, calcium and magnesium that produce hard water.

The system has two purification tanks, with one working while the other is cleansing itself. The tanks are filled with resin beads that attract mineral particles. When the beads are full, they are recharged with sodium ions and the minerals are washed out of the system.

The second part of the system deals with eliminating arsenic content, and other mineral particles, from drinking and cooking water. First the water is filtered to remove sediment and particulate that may have made it through. Then the reverse osmosis filter gets rid of miniscule remaining particles and trace elements.

The water then passes to a storage tank where it circulates until it is needed in the kitchen. On demand, it passes through a carbon filter to eliminate any unpleasant tastes that might still remain.

The ProMax 75 gas-fired water heater from A. O. Smith has a blower on top, which provides the air necessary for combustion, a particularly useful thing to do in a "tight" house with a high efficiency rating.