Tour of the Big Dig in Boston

Project: Loft Conversion, Episode 2, Part 2

Window installation gets underway in the project apartment, six stories above Atlantic Avenue, after Bob inspects the basement to see how the plumbing and heating installations are coming along. Also, Dan McNichol takes Bob down into the bowels of the earth to see how Boston's famous highway project, the "Big Dig", is progressing.
Part 1: Reviewing the Plumbing and Heating
Part 2: Tour of the Big Dig in Boston
Dan McDaniels, public relations officer for the city, shows Bob "The Big Dig Project". The current infrastructure of roadways can't handle the demand of traffic, so "The Big Dig Project" was started. The project includes a subterranean interstate with a total of 8 lanes, new subway lines, and new terminal stations, all underground, routing traffic under the city.

Above ground, the city plans to make a wonderful park area with lots of trees. The new interstate will be approximately 100 feet underground, and there are crews pouring the concrete foundation for the interstate with thousands of tons of concrete.
Part 3: Aluminum Replacement Window Installation