Kohler Shower Installation

Project: Loft Conversion, Episode 7, Part 2

Bob and plumber Elie Ghazali install some cutting-edge Kohler plumbing fixtures in the bathroom: an electrically powered full-body shower tower and a dual-speed pressurized toilet. The rest of the loft is getting a beautiful, easy-care engineered Pergo wood laminate floor in both beech and cherry finishes.
Part 1: Pergo Floor Installation
Part 2: Kohler Shower Installation
Bob meets Eli and Greg, who are installing the finish kit of the Kohler shower tower in the loft bathroom in downtown Boston. Greg explains the computer solid-state circuitry that controls the pump and motorized valves. The buttons on the front of the unit are pushed to activate a variety of body, hand and head sprays. One excellent feature of the unit is its ability to compensate for low water pressure. The pump will boost the pressure to the desired setting.
Part 3: Marble Countertop Installation