Installing a Granite Tub Surround, In-Floor Heat, and Fiber-Optic Lighting

A granite tub surround is installed, as well as an in-floor heating system and unique fiber optic lighting.

Clip Summary

A template for the tub surround is being made and will be taken back to Johnston,RI, where it will be cut to fit out of granite. Back on site, a two-part epoxy is being applied to join the granite to the tub. When the pieces are in place, the excess epoxy is removed. After the glue has set, the protective tape is peeled away.

Thermal Mechanical Sales of Londonderry, NH has provided some ways to keep the spa space warm, such as Coulette Electric Heaters and a Flex-Floor cable heating system, which will go under the granite floor tiles. Talking Pictures is installing a sound system by Sonex to go in the exercise room. And Marcus Early, the lighting consultant, has added fiber-optic lighting to bounce light off the ceiling walls.