Installing a Bathroom Grab Rail

Project: Accessible Home, Episode 10, Part 3

Contractors install special bathroom fixtures and hardware, which have been specially designed for use by people with disabilities. The project house also gets a real lift in the form of an elevator. It's chain-driven and hidden in a closet, enabling a homeowner with disabilities to access the home's second floor.
Part 1: Home Elevator Installation
Part 2: Wheelchair-Accessible Toilet Installation
Part 3: Installing a Bathroom Grab Rail
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley put up a grab bar in the bathroom to facilitate a wheelchair-bound person's maneuvering. A flange and lag bolts are used to secure the bar to the wall.

First, Bob Ryley uses a ratchet to make a round hole in the drywall. Then, he bolts the flange to the two-by-eights that have been fastened between the studs. Finally, the bar goes over the mounting flange and is screwed in.

Bob Ryley also installs a recessed, brushed-chrome toilet paper holder, a hinged vanity mirror, and a standard medicine chest.