Tour the Completed Nursery for the Newborn

Project: Babyproofing the House, Episode 5, Part 3

Bob wraps the Melrose, MA, nursery remodel with a tour of the home, a view of the colors, finishes, and fixtures selected, and our first visit with the new baby.  Bob starts with a safety review of the kitchen and stairways.  He checks out the new powder room and master bath. On the third floor, the nursery, guest room, and children’s bathroom are complete.  The bathroom features original beadboard, new blown-in insulation, and a roll-top, claw-foot bathtub that we see installed.  In the nursery, new windows with enclosed sliding shades, sound insulation, and an acoustic fabric ceiling make the new baby’s room snug and quiet.  Atticus and his parents show off the new solid-wood crib and changing table that are pressboard-free, and crib furnishings that are healthful and beautiful.  Everything from no-VOC paint to the slip-covered gliding club chair is intended to create a healthful, comforting world for the new baby and his family.


Part 1: Finishing Touch: Installing a Vintage Tub in a Child's Bathroom
Part 2: Tour of the Finished Nursery and Master Bathroom
Part 3: Tour the Completed Nursery for the Newborn
A lot of cosmetic work was done to transform a tired-old attic bedroom with navy blue walls and stars into a fresh and peaceful room for a newborn. Beyond what meets the eye, important work included blowing insulation into the third floor walls, replacing windows, and reducing sound through a Solserene fabric ceiling system and Owens Corning QuietZone insulation. Bob visits with homeowners Maggie and Nick Beasley and their newborn baby boy. Maggie reviews the decorating choices that they've made and describes the healthy environment they have created using no-VOC paint and pressboard-free furniture. As well as a charming reading nook, practical considerations have informed the decor, such as a slipcovered glider chair that is fully washable and ideal for children. Bob wishes them good luck and health with their completed project and new baby. Coming up: a brand-new project turning a nearby basement into a dream playroom.
In Melrose, MA, Bob Vila helps a young couple expecting their first child to prepare their home. The focus is on creating a safe place with a strong emphasis on indoor air quality and a healthy living environment. Bob reviews child safety products with industry specialists, as they outfit the home from top to bottom in preparation for the new baby.