Tour the Completed Nursery for the Newborn

Much cosmetic, insulation, and sound reduction work has transformed a tired-old attic bedroom into a peaceful, pretty, and healthy room for baby.

Clip Summary

A lot of cosmetic work was done to transform a tired-old attic bedroom with navy blue walls and stars into a fresh and peaceful room for a newborn. Beyond what meets the eye, important work included blowing insulation into the third floor walls, replacing windows, and reducing sound through a Solserene fabric ceiling system and Owens Corning QuietZone insulation. Bob visits with homeowners Maggie and Nick Beasley and their newborn baby boy. Maggie reviews the decorating choices that they've made and describes the healthy environment they have created using no-VOC paint and pressboard-free furniture. As well as a charming reading nook, practical considerations have informed the decor, such as a slipcovered glider chair that is fully washable and ideal for children. Bob wishes them good luck and health with their completed project and new baby. Coming up: a brand-new project turning a nearby basement into a dream playroom.
All right, now for a final visit in the finished nursery. And before we look at the pretty stuff let's talk about some of the important things that had to be done here.

Obviously, when we started out what we had was a tired old attic bedroom that someone at some painted navy blue and stuck on stars and things all over the place.

So there was a lot of cosmetic work that had to be done, but the important stuff was blowing in insulation throughout this whole attic, this whole third floor of this house to make it much more comfortable both in fall and in winter and in summer.

And also replacing some of these windows. And in any event when you have, you know, young children its always nice to not have to worry about shade cords. So these Pella windows come with the shades that are sandwiched in between two panes of glass.

And that makes for a lot of easier operation.

Then other things we did in here example, the ceiling is a stretched fabric product and it's a custom insulation in here. It looks beautiful, but it also helps to control the sound, the noise, the crying baby etc.

And over here in the perimeter walls, we've added Owens Corning Quiet Zone insulation, which really again is a sound attenuation product that helps to keep the noise in here.
All right.

Maggie and Nick are the proud parents of a baby boy. Congratulations.

Thank you.

And, why don't you tell us a little bit about the young man? How much was the weight?

Eight pounds, four ounces.

And what's his name?


Atticus. Now that sounds like an interesting New England name.

We chose it because of To Kill a Mockingbird.
It's both of our favorite novels, so we, when the attic finished so we decided to name him after it. that's a great name, that's a great story. Now, let's talk a little bit before he gets grumpy or anything.

Let's talk a little bit about your choice's here in the nursery, how come you chose a color like green?

Well, we knew that we wanted to have our baby be a surprise, so we thought green was a good neutral color and lots of nice things go with it and we thought it would lighten up the space.

Makes perfect sense.

And what kind of paint did you use?

We used a Sherwin Williams Novio sheet paint.

So again, we are trying to keep all the products that come into the nursery kind of help oriented. Lets talk about the furniture.

the furniture, this is the Connecticut crib from the Land of Nod, one thing that was really important to us was that construction and just having solid wood, no particle board.

And we're really pleased with the clean lines, again we thought not knowing what we were having it was good for boy or a girl with it.


And the bedding, same thing is gender neutral the crib bedding collection is called "Womb with a View".


And we thought it would match our walls, and we just thought it was cheerful and pretty, like the blue polka dots.

And of course, all these crib designs meet the latest requirements.

Absolutely, yeah.

Safety requirements and the like. And what about the other needed pieces?

Yes, well this is great because it is a changing table and dresser. And again, solid wood construction and the drawers open really nicely. They just sort of just glide open. And then this for now while were in diapers is great, and then eventually we won't need and it and we can just have the surface of the dresser so this is great.

OK, and what's that in the corner over there?

This one of my favorites.
This is a little Land of Nod book shelf that, sort of, in our space because of the eves in the room, it sort of makes a really nice nook. Its just a little book area that I imagine, we'll have some pillows down there and spend some time in.

And, the last piece of furniture that we haven't talked about is a comfy chair for mom and kiddo.

This is terrific, this is, it's actually a glider. It just sort of looks like a comfortable easy chair, but its a glider, and again we chose it, in part, because of the color and then in part because it's actually slip covered and it's totally washable. Which is great for spit-ups and whatever else might happen, so.

Well, it looks like you are all set for years to come.

We're definitely set.

So, we wish you much happiness and good health.

Oh, thank you.

Next week, we're starting a brand new project, also in this same town. This time we have got some youngsters that are four and five year old and they need a rumpus room. So we are turning their basement into a dream play room.

Till then, I'm Bob Villa. Thanks for joining us.