Removing Horsehair Plaster and Door Framing

Project: Victorian Kitchen & Bath Remodel, Episode 2, Part 2

Bob and contractor Tim Berky review the newly poured foundation that's been pointed in order to blend with the existing Victorian foundation. The new 5' x 16' mudroom addition is framed and topped with a hip roof that will be sheathed in copper. Also, Berky and his crew install new Pella French doors. These solid-wood framed, double-paned, argon-filled, low-e glass doors let in light, retain warmth, prevent heat gain, and have a triple-latch system for added security.
Part 1: Demolition and Reconstruction of Victorian Foundation
Part 2: Removing Horsehair Plaster and Door Framing
General contractor Tim Berky and his crew remove the old horsehair plaster in the kitchen. The framing and sheathing are found to be original to the house. Bob looks on as Berky and his crew create an opening for French doors.
Part 3: Installing High-Performance French Doors