Installing a Standing-Seam Copper Roof

Project: Victorian Kitchen & Bath Remodel, Episode 6, Part 2

With the retaining walls and structural deck complete, the contractor Tim Berky and his crew undertake the decking with western red cedar. Paul Mackie (from the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association) joins Bob to talk about the beauty, sustainability, durability, and natural insect- and rot-resistance of western red cedar. On the roof, Rich Melo of Newton Roofing Company installs the Atlas standing-seam copper roof, showing Bob how the prefabricated Dutch-cleat system interlocks and attaches to galvanized fasteners screwed into the roof. Inside, refurbishes the old windows with solid-bronze sash chains, new parting beads, and spring-bronze weather stripping for energy-efficient, easily operable windows at a quarter of the cost of replacements. Outside, Berky finishes the oriel window with weather-tight facing and mitered trim.
Part 1: Building a Western Red Cedar Deck
Part 2: Installing a Standing-Seam Copper Roof
Rich Melo of Newton Roofing Company joins Bob for the installation of the copper roof on the Rowley addition. The Dutch cleat system has a crimped edge and a receiver on each panel for an interlocking design.
Part 3: Restoring Old Windows
Part 4: Completing the Trim on the Oriel Window