Installing Fixtures in a Tiled Bath

Project: Victorian Kitchen & Bath Remodel, Episode 9, Part 3

General contractor Tim Berky installs custom trim that was milled to match the Victorian home's original woodwork. The custom Pella two-over-ones in the dining room will be trimmed out to complete the oriel window, while the new pocket door, windows, and French doors will be detailed to match. Oustide, landscape designer Ruth Foster supervises the Kelly Brothers landscaping crew, as a hedge row is planted to screen the street. Inside, Tim Berky shows Bob how to avoid damaging tile when installing new fixtures.
Part 1: Custom Trim, Windows, and Pocket Door
Part 2: Landscaping with Hedges, Trees, and Perennials
Part 3: Installing Fixtures in a Tiled Bath
Bob checks out the handmade tiles and selected plumbing fixtures in the remodeled bath. When general contractor Tim Berky drills into the tile, he stresses the importance of drilling slowly and of having a new carbide drill bit to avoid cracking or damaging the tile.