Installing a Fire Escape

Project: Victorian Kitchen & Bath Remodel, Episode 11, Part 1

Bob learns about the need for secondary exits in upstairs bedrooms from Steve Forman, as contractor Tim Berky installs the Redi-Exit fire escape at the Rowley Victorian. This latching fire escape can hold up to 800 pounds, is weather-proof, and costs about $1,100 installed. Next, AJ Paron-Wildes joins Bob inside to look at lighting fixtures from that will complement the home's period style and also meet the functional lighting needs of the family. And finally, after Berky finishes hanging one last door, all the doors and cabinets in the new space will be dressed with reproduction oil-rubbed bronze hardware from House of Antiques Hardware (which even reproduced the black porcelain knobs and escutcheons that were original to the house).
Part 1: Installing a Fire Escape
Steve Forman (from Redi-Exit) joins Bob to talk about the extruded-aluminum escape ladder installed at the project house. Forman stresses that secondary exits from bedrooms would greatly reduce fire deaths in this country. Smoke detectors can alert residents, but only a means of escape can save them.
Part 2: Selecting Light Fixtures
Part 3: Installing a Solid-Core Cherry-Veneer Door