The Future of Building with Steel Shipping Containers

Project: Storm-Ready Housing, Episode 4, Part 4

Bob briefly looks at the rich architectural history of St. Petersburg, and the development of its waterfront parks and neighborhoods. He also reviews the construction progress to date. Architect Steve Armstrong and project manager Ray Price join Bob to review the insulating ceramic coating that was used to paint the exterior and protect it from heat buildup. They also review the innovative finishes and design features that helped them transition the exterior surfaces from corrugated metal siding to sheet-metal panels to concrete block to wood with a unified finish. General contractor Buba Barrow joins Bob for a tour of the finish work and interior layout, starting on the tiled front porch, moving through the open-plan family, kitchen, and dining spaces, and into the four bedrooms, each faced in mold-resistant wallboard and painted with an orange-peel textured finish. The kitchen is complete with oak cabinets, laminate counters, a bottom-freezer/upper refrigerator unit and an energy-efficient dual-drawer dishwasher. Last, Bob meets with David Cross to discuss the future of building with converted shipping containers.
Part 1: Finished Exterior of the Container-Built Home
Part 2: Installing Non-Slip Exterior Tiles and Impact-Resistant Windows
Part 3: Touring the Interior of the Container-Built Home
Part 4: The Future of Building with Steel Shipping Containers
Bob talks with David Cross (formerly of Tampa Armature Works) about the future of home construction with steel shipping containers.
Bob Vila is in St. Petersburg, FL, learning how to create affordable, energy-efficient, storm-ready housing from recycled steel shipping containers. Bob and the team build a roomy, single-family home that improves this once-blighted neighborhood and creates opportunity for first-time homeownership.