Reviewing the Penthouse Living Area & Kitchen

Bob surveys the interior decorating of the penthouse apartment, as well as the top-quality materials and appliances in the kitchen. Also, Bob learns about the different lighting fixtures being used throughout the apartment.

Clip Summary

In the penthouse apartment, Jonathan Adler and Darren Brown explain their interior design to Bob, by citing the earthy , leathery color and feel of the walls as the primary influence on their choices. Camel-color leather, mohair, and rich wood furniture have been used across the space, accented by pops of happy colors from throw pillows and other accessories. The masculine bamboo window shades match the marmorino wall finish and coexist with bright lime green flourishes. "Colors can't really clash," Adler says. In the kitchen, Bob surveys the Cherry wood, stainless steel, and gray marble surfaces, along with the full suite of Dacor kitchen appliances. Lighting designer Markus Earley details the fixture hanging above the kitchen area. Track lighting is used extensively throughout the apartment, but in the kitchen, T5 flourescent lighting is directed upward, so it bounces off the ceiling and bathes the area in gentle light.