Interior Layout and Exterior Brickwork

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 4, Part 1

Bob gives a demolition and reconstruction progress report for the work accomplished to date. Eight full dumpsters of debris have already been removed—a large amount for such a small building.

On the exterior, power washing is underway on the front façade, while Bob pays a visit to Jane Walentas, part of DUMBO's growing artist community.

Back on site, new six-by-six double-hung Pella windows are being installed on the fourth floor.
Part 1: Interior Layout and Exterior Brickwork
Bob and project manager Chris Vila review some of the new steel framing and sandblasted beams (portions of which are going to be left exposed) inside the warehouse.

The brick exterior dates back to 1835. With 170 years of New York City grime clinging to its surface, the façade must be cleaned carefully, so as to avoid causing damaging the structure.

Jeremy Armstrong of Two Trees Development estimates that about 25 percent of the bricks will need replacement and that the mortar will need to be repointed. The end result will be a façade that is square, plumb, level and structurally sound.
Part 2: Artist Community in DUMBO
Part 3: Pella Window Installation