Mixing Plaster and Installing the Skylight

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 6, Part 2

After a quick progress report, Bob meets Thad Goodman from Georgia-Pacific who is installing GP DensArmor drywall.

Next, Bob and Chris Vila head to the roof where Dino Koukoudakis from Dino's Construction is installing a new Wasco skylight, which will provide natural light for the 4th floor apartment. Future plans for the rooftop also include a hardwood deck.

Bob pays another visit to developer and artist Jane Walentas, this time getting a tour of her multi-story luxury loft space around the corner from the project building.

Back on site, Bob and Chris talk more about the façade restoration with Cas Stachelberg from Higgins and Quasebarth, a New York City firm focused on the preservation and rehabilitation of historic properties.
Part 1: Fast-Pace Drywall Installation and Mold-Resistant Interior Siding
Part 2: Mixing Plaster and Installing the Skylight
Bob and Chris Vila visit the plastering contractor at the Waterfront Warehouse Rehab project, and get a lesson in plaster mixing. In order to have the plaster set quickly, the workman demonstrates a technique that involves mixing plaster and joint compound together. This cuts the drying time in half in a typical hot and humid New York City summer. Bob and Chris Vila meet Dino Koukoudakis from Dino's Construction who is installing a custom rectangular skylight from Wasco. This four-by-six foot argon-filled, low-e coated skylight comes ready to mount from the factory. Taking a look at the opening from below, Bob and Chris point out how the natural light provided by the skylight opens up the bedroom to natural light, giving the space a larger look and feel.
Part 3: Tour of Luxury Loft Space and Brick Facade History and Restoration