Safety Railing Installation

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 7, Part 1

On the roof, Bob and Chris Vila discuss the cooling units with HVAC contractor Isaac Chazbani. At the same time, welder Jimmy Canka installing an iron safety railing and glazier Alan Chi installs glass windows and doors in the roof deck entryway.

Next, Bob and John Sodano, the plumbing contractor, discuss the placement of the boiler. Bob then goes indoors to review installation of the Bellawood hardwood flooring with Stephen Shelowitz (Williamsburg Parquet Flooring). Shelowitz explains the finer points of Bellawood's flooring product. He details how the factory-applied finish is tested and how his crew installs the flooring.
Part 1: Safety Railing Installation
Ironworker Jimmy Canka secures the rooftop deck's safety railing to its footings. The individual sections of the simple picket-style iron railing are put in place on-site and then welded together. Canka uses an arc welder to fuse the sections together. Bob points out how the fence is secured to the roof employing three separate building trades: the roofers, ironworkers, and masons. Behind the railing is a parapet wall topped with bluestone (to prevent moisture from seeping into the masonry work).
Part 2: Privacy Glass Installation
Part 3: Installing Hardwood Flooring