Installing a Marble Tile Floor

Bob talks to Nick Tagios, of Tagios Tile and Marble, who's laying down the marble tile bathroom floor using a traditional installation technique.

Clip Summary

Bob talks to Nick Tagios of Tagios Tile and Marble. Tagios is installing the marble floor using a traditional method. Prior to Bob joining him for the flooring installation, Tagios laid felt paper and a diamond mesh lath over the subfloor. Tagios goes on to expertly level and set each piece of marble tile in a running bond pattern.

After packing the underlayment by tamping the top of the tile with a makeshift tool (created from a sawed-off striking hammer), Tagios begins tiling, leaving one 1/16-inch gap between each tile (about the width of his trowel). He'll finish the job with white grout, and, because the marble tile in this installation has been highly polished, it requires no sealant.