Installing a Mahogany Windowsill

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 9, Part 2

Stone and tile specialist Nick Tagios returns to install the countertop on the kitchen island in the penthouse apartment. Tagios takes us through all the steps of bracing and epoxying the Pietra Cardosa marble surface.

Next, Bob checks on the trimwork being done in the back bedroom. Bob also looks on as the sliding closet doors and shelving are installed.

Finally, work is also underway in the bathroom, and Lenora Campos from Toto is on-site to show off the new fixtures that are part of Toto's Mercer suite.
Part 1: Marble Kitchen Countertop Installation
Part 2: Installing a Mahogany Windowsill
A Mahogany windowsill has been precut with a cleat and bevel to make the installation easier. The sill is large enough to be a shelf, which is a nice characteristic of older construction.

Bob helps carpenter Abel Lopez of Two Trees Development install a piece of pre-primed Poplar molding to the floor edge with a butane-powered finish nailer and a wood adhesive. To aid in the construction timeline, many trim pieces in this job are precut and pre-primed from the lumberyard.

In the closet, Lopez is adding sliding closet doors. They are easy to install and don't require the framing of a standard door, or the complex installation of a pocket door.
Part 3: Installing Bathroom Fixtures