Touring Coney Island

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 11, Part 3

Work continues in the penthouse bathroom. First comes the installation of a unique new tankless toilet from Toto USA. Called the Neorest 600, it's an "intelligent" unit, which is self-cleaning and offers hands-free remote controls.

With the toilet in place, the installation of the marble sink top and Toto USA vanity is next. Also in the bathroom is a Toto USA Baldwin Suite soaking tub that's been set into a custom-built stainless steel surround.

As the bathroom takes shape, Bob heads to famed Coney Island with Borough President Marty Markowitz to get a closer look at this historic section of Brooklyn.

Back on location, Bob takes a quick look at the progress being made on the roof deck.
Part 1: Toto Low-Flow Toilet
Part 2: Antique-Look Bathroom Sink, Soaking Tub, and Quartz Tile Installation
Part 3: Touring Coney Island
Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz talks to Bob about the storied past, and promising future, of Coney Island, one of the first amusement park complexes in America. Dating back to the 1880s, the popularity of Coney Island exploded when, in 1920, the New York City subway system connected this beachfront area with the island of Manhattan. Decades of neglect degraded Coney Island until the late 20th-century, when NYC government began focusing urban revitalization efforts on Coney Island and its surrounding neighborhoods. Borough President Marty Markowitz looks forward to the time when Coney Island reclaims its former glory.
Part 4: Building the Roof Deck With Ipe