Applying Marmorino Plaster

Bob discusses the custom wall finish with designer Jonas Everets, who is using marmorino, a centuries-old lime-based plaster, on the kitchen walls of the top-floor apartment.

Clip Summary

Bob discusses the custom wall finish with Jonas Everets of Jonas Everets Design. The plaster Mr. Everets is using to cover the kitchen walls in the top-floor apartment is marmorino, a lime-based plaster (mixed with sand and marble dust), which has been utilized in Italy and elsewhere since the Renaissance. To create the unique color of the plaster, Everts has mixed raw umber, burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ocher, and a "touch" of Venetian red. With the primary coat having been applied to the far wall, Mr. Everets instructs project manager Chris Vila on techniques for applying marmorino, as Chris begins laying the plaster on another wall. The traditional method is to use a circular motion, but changing your stroke isn't discouraged, especially on the second coat, since that change adds to the artistry. It's only upon the second coat that the material becomes highlighted and more visually varied.