12 "Off the Wall" Places to Put Wallpaper

Before you discard leftover wallpaper, consider using it to decorate bookcases, lampshades, chairs, and more.

Wallpaper Mania

Wallpaper DIY

Whether you find yourself with an abundance of wallpaper scraps or you want to swathe a subtle accent to inject a colorful pattern into your décor, there are myriad easy ways to put wallpaper to use beyond just pasting it up on the walls. Once you’ve conquered one of these projects, you’ll be scouting the house for more objects to revitalize.


Elegant Liner

Drawer Liner

A drawer liner is an elementary way to enter the world of wallpapering—and a quick project to liven up drawers in the kitchen, bedroom, or bath. All this simple project requires are some good measurements and sharp scissors. Step it up a notch and cover the drawer’s sides for a little added eye candy.


Fancy Flight

Wallpaper Stairs

Creative opportunities abound when it comes to the staircase! Use the same wallpaper pattern on each stair riser for a more traditional effect. For those looking for something edgier, an alternating cast of coordinated wallpapers takes the look to a whole new level.


Really Cool Style

Wallpaper Refrigerator

If it hasn't been coordinated well into your design, a refrigerator can be a bit of an eyesore in an otherwise lovely kitchen. Let wallpaper come to the rescue! To ensure that you’ll be happy with the results, we recommend hanging the paper in place with magnets and living with it for a few days before permanently securing.


Clothes Quarters

Closet Wallpaper

For the clotheshorse in your family, the closet is a sacred place. Upgrade your garments’ home with wallpaper that coordinates with your room’s décor. An inspired closet may even make the process of selecting an outfit easier!


Tabletop Treat

Wallpaper Project

Off the wall, wallpaper can be a blessing for the fickle decorator! If you like to switch up the look of your room often without making big purchases, try lining the top of your coffee table with a wallpaper remnant and covering it with cut-to-order glass. Once you tire of the pattern, switch it out!


It's Been Framed!

Framed Wallpaper

If you’re curious about wallpapering an accent wall but afraid of the effort and commitment, framed wall panels are an effective alternative. Gone is the stress of matching patterns and eliminating bubbles! This option is also ideal for rule-restricted renters looking to update a room.


Bookcase Background

Wallpaper Shelves

Wallpaper can enliven a modest bookcase and bring a subtle pop of color to a room. Be careful when restocking your shelves—if the bookcase is relatively full, the pattern will get lost in the mix. Make sure to leave several sparse shelves to maximize the wallpaper’s cheerful effect.


Virtual Headboard

Wallpaper Headboard

For the minimalist, wallpaper can be used to delineate a headboard in an otherwise austere room. Be warned, however, this project requires a bit of legwork. Research headboard shapes and find wallpaper that suits your room. Then, create a stencil and get to work!


Lively Lampshade

Wallpaper Lampshade

Lining a lampshade is a cheeky way to use leftover scraps and coordinate accessories in a wallpapered room. For a subtler look, and especially if you're trying to coordinate with wallpaper on the walls, line the inside of the shade. Before gluing, make sure you're satisfied with the strength of the light that will emanate once the lamp has been lined.


Spiffed-Up Seat

Wallpaper Chair

While this wallpaper project requires serious skills, the payoff is a piece that you won’t find anywhere else. To make this venture easier, choose a chair with flat surfaces. As with the other projects on this list, not every surface need be covered—accenting just the seat is enough to transform an old chair.


Wastebasket Wrap

Wallpaper Wastebasket

Something as seemingly insignificant as the wastebasket can oftentimes be the hardest item to match to a room’s décor. Covering an unsightly trash can is a smart solution to help it blend with the room and deflect attention.


Cabinet With Flair

Cabinet Liner

Though cabinet doors are often closed, a dressing of wallpaper on the interior of a hutch or cabinet can still seriously spruce up your storage. A china collection becomes even more fabulous when it's set against an opulent background. If you have a large space to cover, take special care to match the pattern before the gluing begins!


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