12 Photos That Prove Wallpaper Still Wows

You may have memories of horrible wallpaper haunting you from homes past. But wallpaper has changed. Seriously. Not only have advancements in adhesive technology made it easier to apply (and remove) but there are a wide variety of designs to choose from. From bold graphics to damask and florals, these modern wallpaper treatments are something to seriously consider.

By Jennifer Noonan | Published Mar 30, 2017 07:04 PM

Bold Chevron

Wallpapered Bathroom

Wallpaper in the bathroom might seem like a recipe for mold and peeling paper. The truth is, today's wallpaper companies make a variety of bold prints in paper that can withstand high-moisture environments. Take this bold chevron wallpaper, for instance. The deep teal hue is a great design counterpoint to the white floors and trim, giving the space a lively look that could not be achieved by paint alone.

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The Full Treatment

Sponge Painting Wallpaper

Rich, chocolatey brown brings luxury and tranquility to a master bedroom suite. Bedding and window treatments work together to create a sense of calm, while wallpaper completes the feeling. Installed from floor to ceiling (and on the ceiling!), this regal, copper-toned wallpaper paints the perfect picture of monochromatic serenity.

Zillow Digs home in Newport Coast, CA

Tone-on-Tone Damask

Vintage Damask Wallpaper

Tone-on-tone damask brings a sense of history to this modern entryway. The cool sheen of the silver detailing provides a classy counterpoint to the earthy tones of the hand-scraped flooring.

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Graphic Black & White

Black and White Bathroom

Lattice print wallpaper, popular in the '70s, receives an update in striking black and white. The bold design brings together the black countertop and the white countertops for cohesive look.

Zillow Digs home in Orange, CA

Contemporary Accents

Contemporary Wallpaper

Muted wallpaper is infused with whimsy in this contemporary living room thanks to the addition of silhouetted butterfly accents. Paired with a unique ceiling treatment that mirrors the textured rug, the wall covering gives this room a free and easy feeling.

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Classical Themes

Small Wallpapered Bathroom

Here, earthy neutrals warm up a small bathroom, distracting from the cold white fixtures. The beautiful print is so busy that it can double as art, minimizing the need to add other design elements to the space. Plus, the wallpaper's classical architecture theme makes this powder room feel both traditional and welcoming.

Zillow Digs home in Yorba Linda, CA

Botanical Accents

Garden Wall Wallpaper

Hand-painted botanical details amidst the stonework pattern in this wallpaper help to create a quiet retreat in this sumptuous bathroom. The illusion of a country garden wall provides the perfect backdrop for a vintage clawfoot tub and classic console sink.

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Golden Luxury

Golden Wallpaper in Luxurious Bathroom

For who bring a Midas touch to their home decor will love this look. Soft, metallic, gold-toned wallpaper amps up the luxury in this master bathroom, pairing perfectly with the marble bath surround. The glitzy wall covering complements the gold-colored faucets and fixtures as well, creating a unified look in a sprawling space.

Zillow Digs home in San Antonio, TX

Tray Ceiling Treatment

Wallpapered Tray Ceiling

When it comes to planning a wallpaper project, it pays to think outside the walls. The minds behind this dining room design chose the tray ceiling as the unlikely place to display a splash of interest. The soft botanical wallpaper pattern brings depth to the room without overwhelming the space—or upstaging a delicious dinner.

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Polka Dot Party

Polka Dot Wallpaper

A buttoned-up bathroom gets a fun upgrade with the addition of large polka-dots. The contemporary lines of the bath, shower, and vanity keep the room feeling grounded and grown-up while the wallpaper design keeps the space from feeling fussy.

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Fearless Floral

Pink and White Rose Wallpaper

What wallpaper would you choose for an all-white room? The bolder the better, in the case of this dining room with bright floral patterned walls. The pink roses add a splash of color onto an otherwise blank canvas, and their exaggerated size keep them from feeling boringly outdated.


Bright Yellow Feathers

Bright Yellow Wallpaper

For a cozy bedroom, you'll want down pillows, down comforters, and this feather-patterned wallpaper. Bright without becoming overbearing, a medley of yellows combines to create the perfect balance of energy and relaxation needed in a modern bedroom.


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