12 Top Names in Engineered Stone

When deciding between brands with many of the same benefits, the choice comes down to the finer details.

  1. Choosing Engineered Stone



    Choosing between engineered stone brands can be exhausting. Products in the category are mostly quartz-based, possess the same sanitary certifications, and include comparable warranties. Deciding among them may come down to the details of color, finish, and availability. To aid in your search, here's a look at the most popular brands.

  2. Caesarstone



    With more than 40 colors available in design stores around the country, Caesarstone is a leader in quartz-based engineered stone. From traditional looks to a daring textures, the company offers and continues to improve upon its wide product range. Shown here is Chocolate Truffle, part of the Tan Brown collection. 

  3. Silestone

    Silestonetea leaf


    Silestone has become one of the most popular brands, with its countertops (in 60-plus colors) to be found nationally in design stores and The Home Depot locations. Featured is Tea Leaf from the Mesopotamia series.

  4. Cambria



    Cambria boasts over 100 design styles and a lifetime warranty, but you'll only find it through specialty stores and distributors. The luxury quartz-based brand has some of the most interesting and stone-like color options available, including imitation marble. Here is Brentwood from the Cambrian Collection.

  5. Okite

    1881 prisma blu capri


    Don't expect to find Okite products at the big box home improvement retail chain store. The company's over 40 quartz colors are exclusive to design firms and high-end kitchen cabinet retailers. Pictured is Prisma Blu Capri.

  6. Santa Margherita Quartz



    Santa Margherita quartz comes to us from the Verona Marble Company in a number of collections, from Glitter to the more traditional Legacy design. The company also offers some unusual surface options; Vulcano, shown here, is from the textured Wave series. 

  7. TechniStone

    Screen shot 2012 10 24 at 11.42.58 pm


    With counters of quartz, granite, or sand, Czech company TechniStone reaches new heights in surface technology. The downside? The only US retailer is located in Tulsa, OK. Here is Starlight Brown from their Starlight collection.

  8. Viatera

    Viatera oahu zoom


    From LG—the consumer electronics and appliance company—comes the Viatera quartz-based line of engineered stone, manufactured in Italy. With over 50 earthy colors from Snow Storm to Absolute Night, you're bound to find the right hue. This one is Oahu from the Woodlands series.

  9. Zodiaq



    From the chemical giant DuPont comes Zodiaq, a versatile engineered quartz line in over 40 colors and various textures. Zodiaq can be found at Lowe's and numerous design stores throughout the county. Here, Woodland Grey mixes sage and charcoal with a moderate level of coarseness.

  10. Granite Transformations

    Screen shot 2012 10 24 at 11.54.31 pm


    Granite Transformations' engineered countertops are made from a combination of granite, stone, and quartz and come in over 40 colors. Surfaces can be purchased from Granite Transformations stores around the country. Veneto, pictured, belongs to the Trend Stone collection. 

  11. IceStone

    Screen shot 2012 10 26 at 10.48.29 am


    IceStone's composition of recycled glass, cement, and pigment makes it distinct from other options in this list. With over 20 colors, from netural to bright, this US-made engineered stone is a great choice, regardless of your personal design preferences. Shown here is Blue Sky.

  12. Santa Margherita Marble



    If you're looking for something other than quartz, Verona Marble Company's exquisite marble-based product comes in over 30 natural-looking colors. The material is made of marble (or marble chippings) mixed with resins, as in the pictured Perlato Royal stone.

  13. Concetto

    Screen shot 2012 10 25 at 3.21.49 pm


    Caesarstone's luxury brand, Concetto, offers countertops that are hand-made from individually cut semi-precious stones. From gray agate to ice quartz, Concetto's opulent, almost translucent surfaces are nothing short of magnificent. Featured here is Viola, made from amethyst.

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