25 Handy Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Buying stocking stuffers is perhaps the most challenging part of any holiday shoppers' job. Do you opt for cute or practical, funny or useful. Whichever approach you choose, what's important is that the giftee truly appreciates your offering. To jumpstart your gift planning process, we've rounded up some of our favorite picks for a Christmas stocking that would please just about everyone on your list.

  1. Grow Your Own Tea

    Stocking Stuffers - Herbal Tea Kit

    The Sow and Grow Herbal Tea kit is perfect for anyone who enjoys a hot cuppa. Right from your own windowsill you can grow four fresh varieties of herbal tea: catnip, mint, chamomile, and lemon balm. Available on Amazon, $10.99.

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  2. Toasted Cheese, Please

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Toaster Bags

    Imagine a world where you can cook a grilled cheese sandwich as quickly as you can toast your morning bagel. Get ready to cheer—there's a bag for that! For the cheese lover on your list, these non-stick, reusable toaster bags allow for toasting sandwiches, pitas, reheat pizza, and more, all without so much as a glance toward the oven and range. Each little snack pack can be toasted up to 50 times before they've toasted their last sandwich. Yum! Available on Amazon, $14.99.

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  3. Tipless Mug

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Mighty Mug

    Coffee on your keyboard? Never! Whether your friend is a coffee lover or just lovably clumsy, they'll appreciate the virtues of the Mighty Mug. This tumbler won’t tip over when knocked or jostled, and yet is light enough to lift easily when you want a sip. Seems like sorcery, but we’re assuming it’s made possible by science! Available on Amazon; $19.99.

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  4. A Cyclist's Best Friend

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Wheel Handy Bicycle Tool

    Off-road bikers might not think to carry an entire tool kit on their trip—but maybe they should. With the Wheel Handy Bicycle Tool it's surprisingly simple to do. This little multi-tool will help you fix a bruised bike, help out at a campsite, or perform fixes around the house. With a variety of hex keys, wrenches, and both a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, this pocket-size tool kit is perfect for adventurers and handymen alike. Available at containerstore.com, $11.99.

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  5. Modern Mitt

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Bubble Wrap Oven Mitt

    Stock your favorite home cook's kitchen with this surprisingly stylish oven mitt from Fred & Friends. It’s a dead ringer for bubble wrap, but these cushiony pockets of air protect vulnerable hands as they transport a delicious holiday roast or pie from oven to table. Available on Amazon; $19.00.

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  6. Gulp While Glamping

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Camping Cocktail Shaker

    Even in the great outdoors, you can shake up a tasty adult beverage. Made of durable enameled steel, the Wander Ware camping cocktail shaker is an essential for the adventurer in your life who loves to be prepared for anything—including a cocktail at the campsite. Be warned, however, that gifting this cup may lead to several camping invitations from the giftee. Available on Amazon; $10.

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  7. Bottle Service

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Bottle Key

    Who hasn’t been at a party where someone has asked, “Does anyone have a bottle opener?” Give the gift of preparedness with this undercover bottle opener disguised as a brass key. Convenient to carry, it is perfect for any impromptu gathering where beverages need to be opened in a hurry. Available at Makr.com; $11.

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  8. Pliable and DIYable

    Best Stocking Stuffers - 6-in-1 Pliers

    The Husky 6-in-1 pliers are for the craftsman, the novice DIYer, and everyone in between who needs to get more out of their limited toolbox space. This tool has both long-nose pliers and can cut and strip wires, cutting your work time considerably. The comfort grip and heat-treated teeth are also so easy to use that it can make its user feel as though they have superhero strength. Available at homedepot.com; $13.97.

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  9. Equipped in Emergency

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Emergency Safety Multi-Flashlight

    Worry a little less about recently licensed drivers or kids who are about to go off to college by stuffing a Stalwart 12-in-1 emergency multi-tool in their stocking. With a glass cutter, LED flashlight, and seat belt cutter, this tool has everything you need (and more) to help out in an emergency situation—not to mention help you sleep a little better at night. Available on Amazon; $12.42.

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  10. Napping by Nature

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Camping Hammock

    Spontaneous naps are now made possible with a camping hammock that can easily be folded inside a small bag. The Honest Outfitters portable nylon camping hammock is best for the person in your life who enjoys taking a snooze in the woods, between two palm trees, or maybe secretly during a lunch break. Available on Amazon; $21.99.

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  11. Touch and Go

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Smart Pad Stylus

    The dual function Milwaukee Stylus and Black Marker is a handy gift for the weekend warrior. Use the pen to mark up rough and tough materials like dusty cinderblock or wet concrete. Then flip the tool on its end and use the stylus to flip through your phone or tablet for online tutorials and how-to videos—all without removing your work gloves. Available at The Home Depot; $9.97.

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  12. Powerful Paper Plane

    Best Stocking Stuffer - Electric Paper Airplane Converter

    Who needs a baseball-throwing arm to win a paper airplane contest? The lucky kid, or kid-at-heart, who finds the PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit, in his Christmas stocking won’t be able to stop folding and flying paper airplanes. Guard your paper supply! With the PowerUp module, paper airplanes sail, soar, swoop and glide effortlessly. The sturdy module is built to withstand dives and drops, and requires 3-AA batteries (not included). Available from Amazon; $16.99.

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  13. A Cut Above

    Best Stocking Stuffer - Papagayo Skinny Folding Knife

    The Papagayo Skinny Folder combines the utility of a flat knife with the versatility of a serrated blade in a Zebrano-style wood case. Classy, compact and way cool, the knife comes with a 3-3/8-inch titanium-coated stainless blade that tucks safely away when not in use. Slip it in a backpack or purse for easy access. Keep in mind that this budget-friendly gift should be used by adults only—it's no kiddie toy! Available on Amazon; $15.12.

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  14. No-Effort Planting Kit

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Grow Your Own Holiday Plant

    Keep the holiday magic going all year long the Grow Your Own Holiday Plant Kit. Each kit comes with a white fabric bag, one package of organic potting soil, one packet of organic seeds, and detailed growing instructions so that come next holiday season you'll have a thriving plant. Available from The Grommet; $16.95.

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  15. No More Dropped Phones

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Smartphone Stand

    Text-addicted teens and tech-smart adults will love PopSocket, a clever little knob that sticks to the back of smartphones and tablets, giving users something secure to grip. Snap selfies with confidence or use the knob as a stand for easy viewing. The PopSocket even attaches a smartphone to the side of a laptop screen for those times your teen simply can’t be separated from social media. Available on Amazon: $9.74.

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  16. Roll Out the Notes

    Best Stocking Stuffer - Roller Notes

    If your friend has stuck her last sticky note, gift her a fresh new take on the original. This roll-out writing surface is as fun as it is practical, and is be sure to bring a dose of cheer to whomever passes by the home memo board. Available on Amazon; $9.95.

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  17. Get A Better Angle

    Best Stocking Stuffers - 15-in-1 Screwdriver

    How many uses can one screwdriver hold? The home improver on your list will be able to answer that riddle when you surprise him with this shiny new toy in his stocking this season. The 15-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver comes with 13 bits and an extender that can be swapped out with a simple twist. Complete with a swiveling head, this little DIYer can tackle almost any job, sort of like your handyman. Available at The Container Store; $19.99.

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  18. A Good Egg

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Egg Timer

    Sometimes is simplicity is best—and there's nothing more simple than the egg timer, right? Think again—this little gizmo will surprise even the most jaded home cook. Drop it in a pot of boiling water, along with your eggs, and the BeepEgg Timer will play one of three cheerful tunes to let you know when your eggs are cooked to perfection. When you're not using the BeepEgg, slip it back into an ordinary egg carton with the rest of its dome-shaped counterparts. Available on Amazon; $19.99.

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  19. Collapsible Cafe

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Foldable Travel Mug

    A travel mug that fits in the purse, backpack, or kitchen junk drawer? Now, that's every coffee lover's dream. This collapsible cup can be sized down to carry on the go, then sized up when you're ready to fill 'er up with your morning fuel. For a coffee mug that's as flexible as your caffeine-addicted friend, look no further. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

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  20. Modern Timepiece

    Best Stocking Stuffers - Digital Alarm Clock Thermometer

    When a gadget can tell time, it's called a clock. When it can display the temperature, keep a calendar, and more, that's something special. This minimalist bamboo clock can do all that, and still look good doing it. That's what makes it the perfect stocking stuffer idea for the punctual person on your list. Available on Amazon; $11.99.

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  21. Just a Pinch

    Hearth and Hand Measuring Spoons

    What's the difference between a dash and a pinch of salt? Few cooks can say for sure. But you can portion out the measurements that matter with these metal measuring spoons from Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Hearth & Hand home collection. Not only is this set of spoons the perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen, but you can be sure this practical stocking stuffer will get used on almost a daily basis to make delicious meals and desserts. Available at Target; $7.99.

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  22. Silicone Stopper

    Silicone Stoppers

    Any budding wine connoisseur will love these silicone wine bottle stoppers. The set of three corks fit wine bottles of varying sizes—plus beer, vinegar, olive oil, and other bottles as well. Thanks to an airtight seal, corked bottles can be laid sideways in the fridge without causing spills. When a bottle is empty and the cork's work is done, toss the stopper in the dishwasher for a quick cleaning. Available at Target; $24.99.

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  23. Bag It Up


    This reusable shopping bag is easy to slip into a stocking. Durable and machine-washable, the handy tote by BAGGU holds up to two to three times as much as a regular plastic bag. It neatly folds into a flat pouch, so it can be tucked away while shopping and then pulled open when it's time to pack up the goods. Available on Amazon; $10.00.

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  24. Always in the Spotlight

    Flexible Flashlight

    There are some inventions you'll never know you need until you learn they exist—this flexible light is one of those things. The light can bend, fold, or wrap around almost any object to shine light on almost any task in the home, garage, or on the go. Gift it to the bicyclist, mechanic, camper, or just about anyone in your life. Available on Amazon; $23.99.

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  25. Splash of Flavor

    Fruit Infused Ice Cubes

    These ice ball infusers provide a fun way to experiment with new flavors. Keep things traditional by adding lemon to your water or give your rocks a twist for innovative cocktails. Simply add your favorite fruit or herb to the ice ball mold, shut it, fill with water through the flip top, and freeze. Pop the ice into your drink and it will slowly melt as you sip, releasing bursts of flavor. Available at uncommongoods.com; $10.

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  26. Shop Smart

    Shop Smart

    It doesn't matter if there are 2 people on your list or 20. It pays to look around for deals and bargains when filling your holiday shopping cart. Check out even more of our cost-conscious gift guides to score something for your friends and family.


  27. Don't Miss!


    Money-saving, time-saving—and yes, sometimes even life-saving—the latest and greatest smart home technologies span from self-programming thermostats to voice-activated TV controls to video doorbells and beyond. Raise your home's IQ!