5 Tool Deals Too Good to Pass Up

Whether you’re a fix-it master or a weekend warrior, you'll need a few tools for jobs around the house that go beyond the basics. To stock your toolbox for less, check out our five favorite deals of the week!

  1. Vehemo 400A Car Jump Starter and Multitool

    Vehemo 400A Car Jump Starter and Multitool

    There are some tools you hope you'll never have to use at all. With an escape hammer to break through glass, an LED flashlight with an SOS mode, and a built-in jumper cable connection for your car, the Vehemo Multitool can help you out of almost any bind. Flat tires and dead phones are no match for the multitasker, either—with a high-capacity USB charger and the juice to power an air compressor, you'll be back on the road in no time. Add the coupon code "AVJ9ZMGD" when you check out to save $28 on the list price. Available on Amazon; $29.99 with coupon code.


  2. Husky 10pc SAE Combination Wrench Set

    Husky 10pc SAE Combination Wrench Set

    Is it possible for a tool set to be "guaranteed forever"? We're not sure, but if anything lives up to the label, it's Husky's 10-piece SAE combination wrench set. Made of heavy-duty chromium-vanadium steel, they're tough enough to last at least one lifetime. And since each wrench features a standard open end and a 12-point box end, you'll have the leverage and the flexibility you need to get into tight spaces. Available at Home Depot; $14.97.


  3. Black & Decker 18V NiCad Drill/Driver

    Black & Decker 18V NiCad Drill/Driver

    Ever stripped a screw? It's an easy mistake to make, especially if you're not working with the right tools. Whether your DIY material of choice is wood, plastic, or metal, this Black & Decker 18-volt NiCad drill and driver features a 24-position clutch and speed control that helps prevent hardware problems before they happen. The package also includes a keyless chuck, two batteries, and a charger, so you can get to work right away. Available at Walmart; $44.88.


  4. Bright 3-in-1 Lantern/Flashlight/Night Light

    Bright 3-in-1 Lantern/Flashlight/Night Light

    If it's better to be safe than sorry, than keeping a flashlight on hand in case of a natural disaster or power outage makes a lot of sense. For a multitasking solution, try this this lightweight 3-in-1 LED lantern, flashlight, and night light. With six LEDs, lantern mode is a strong area light even in large spaces like a campsite. Available at Price Plunge; $7.49.


  5. Stanley 6-Piece Variety Pack Screwdriver Set

    Stanley 6-Piece Variety Pack Screwdriver Set

    Nickel-plated to resist corrosion, this Stanley 6-piece variety pack screwdriver set is versatile enough for any weekend warrior. For extra comfort, each handle is slip-resistant and ergonomically-designed—and color-coded so you can find the right one at a glance. Available at Lowe's; $4.98.


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