7 Bat House Plans You Can Buy for DIY Mosquito Control

Support bat conservation and give these creatures a safe space to live, while benefiting your home and garden at the same time.

Reasons to Give Bats a Home

bat house plans

Bat populations are in decline, which is one reason homeowners should consider adding a bat house to their property. Having a bat house is mutually beneficial. Bats have a safe environment to live, and in return, they feast on insects like mosquitoes, moths, and beetles—which means you use fewer pesticides and still control the pests in your yard. Another perk is their high-nitrogen guano, which makes great fertilizer for many plants.

These animals are perfectly safe to have around, as long as you don’t have bats inside your home. With the right design, proper mounting, and thoughtful bat house location (bats like to be away from lights and close to water), you’ll have bats moving into the neighborhood in no time.


Home for a Small Colony

bat house plans small colony

Using these clear and easy-to-follow bat box plans from johnmarc33, you can build a wood bat house in an afternoon. Follow the color pictures and guidelines to create a simple bat house made from short planks of wood. These bat house plans feature multiple interior mesh chambers for the bats to make themselves at home and find the chamber with their preferred temperature. This design has an angled roof for rain, secure mounting options, and a long and wide landing strip for bats to grip.

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A Bat House Bungalow

bat house plans bungalow

Keep bats out of your house and give them a place of their own. Rockler’s simple and effective bat house design is meant for mounting on a pole or the side of a building. This easy bat house plan is a great family project. It can help teach kids about how bats live and the benefits of having them around. Aside from eating hundreds (if not thousands) of insects each night, bats are great neighbors, generally keeping pretty quiet and cozy in this bungalow during the day.


A Higher-End Bat House

bat house plans higher end

Give your neighborhood bats a swankier place to call home. This bat box kit comes with everything you need to make a beautiful and high-quality bat house. Along with the directions, the kit comes with pre-cut cedar wood, nails, and mounting screws for placing on the side of a home, shed, or pole. SamsLostInTheWoods makes this project simple with their DIY bat box kit. You can replicate this design by buying additional materials you cut yourself to create several 15.5 by 6.75 by 3.5 single-chamber bat houses.


A Bat House Project for Kids or Adults

bat house plans children adults

Depending on the type of DIYer you are, you may want a bat house plan that streamlines the project. WoodenHabitats gives you the materials you need as well as the option to select either cedar or pine material, and if you want the materials to be pre-drilled or not. Along with the wood, mesh, and instructions for assembly, this bat house kit comes with a color map for those who want to paint their bat house in colors that benefit the bats (paint not included).

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Summer Home for Bats

bat house plans economy

Like some other winged creatures we know, bats in colder areas may head south for the winter (if they’re not able to hibernate). This Woodcraft economy bat house is a wonderful choice for areas that only attract bats through the summer months. These bat house plans include a list of materials, schematics, and directions for assembly. Once complete, the bat house measures 12.5 inches wide by 16.5 inches tall by 3 inches deep, for a small and sufficient bat house design.


Bat House for a Woodworker

bat house plans woodworker

For those who really like to sink their teeth into a project, this two chamber bat house plan is a terrific way to spend an afternoon. WhittsWorkshop recommends building this bat house out of cedar or pine, as plywood doesn’t seem to last in inclement weather. The bat house plans require some knowledge of cutting and assembly, making it well-suited to a woodworker with knowledge of tools.

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Beautify A Bat House

bat house plans beautify

Bats are wild animals, and usually seek shelter in trees or rocks. NelsonNatureShop has built nature into its design that’s meant to mimic the feeling of being in a tree or natural rock crack. This kit includes a premade bat house—no assembly or bat house plans required. These bat houses come with acrylic paints and brushes, allowing homeowners to focus on making the home look nice instead of assembly. The cedar bat house is 20 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide, with a rough texture for better bat grip.


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