7 Reasons to Reconsider Wallpaper

For years, all-white walls and simple one-coat paint jobs have dominated the domestic scene. But move over, neutrals—decorative wallpaper is making a comeback. Living rooms spring to life with graphic accent walls, bedrooms soften with romantic florals, and even the most mundane of interior spaces like laundry rooms are swathed in exuberant motifs. No matter where your own style lands on the spectrum from understated to bold, the wide range of available patterns and colors on the market ensures that you can find a print that's right for you. These next seven ideas will have you reconsidering your walls and giving wallpaper a second chance in your home.

Amp Up the Drama

Dark Colored Wallpaper

Whether hung on all four walls or limited to one, wallpaper can enrich any room. Your choice in pattern and accent wall will depend on your style and the room's layout. Coordinate wallpaper with the colors of other furnishings that will share the space, like a sofa, headboard, or carpet—and don't be afraid to go bold.

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Add a Little Romance

Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Especially when placed in a bedroom or bath, floral prints from delicate rosebuds to oversized poppies can create a romantic escape. Carry swatches of fabrics that will share the space when choosing a pattern for the walls and opt for muted colors over more saturated shades to keep the overall look calming.


Make A Grand Entrance

Foyer Ideas

Foyers and entry halls are ideal spots to let guests know what you're all about, so what better setting for an eye-catching print? Whether you choose to go playful, bold, sophisticated, or subtle, underscore the visual impact of a pattern by adding a complementary color on interior molding, carpeting, or picture frames.

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Energize A Small Space

Design Ideas for Small Spaces

If you're timid about using wallpaper in a larger room, experiment with cheerful patterns in tiny spaces first, like a powder room or reading nook. Go small-scale print for a traditional look or try an edgy, over-sized motif. Or, line the inside of a closet or cupboard—you'll smile every time you open the door.

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Play with Pattern

Black Striped Wallpaper

If you love to mix and match patterns on your upholstery, throw pillows, curtains, and rugs, wallpaper makes perfect sense for your next decorating project. To keep an arrangement from overpowering a room, choose a color scheme that unites all the patterns and allow one print to take center stage while the others play a supporting role.


Appreciate Historic Interiors

Vintage Wallpaper Patterns

Vibrant wall patterns adorned Colonial dwellings, grand Victorian manors—even 1970s homes! No matter what era you're drawn to, a historically-inspired wallpaper will help you recreate the look in your own house. Seek out exact replicas for period-perfect rooms, or choose a pattern that simply captures the spirit of the past.

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Elevate a Hum-Drum Spot

Accent Wall Ideas

Utilitarian spaces like laundry rooms and mudrooms are often overlooked in the larger scheme of interior design, but enlivening such spots with a playful wallpaper can brighten your day every time you use them. Try a print or color here you might not typically consider—no guests will come around to judge!

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