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Garden Hose Storage: 11 Stylish Solutions for Hanging (or Hiding) Your Hose

Looking for a way to remedy kinks and knots in your garden hose? Consider one of these 11 decorative hose-management solutions.

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Go With the Flow

For many gardeners, time spent watering their plants is meditative “me time,” and a kinked hose is one of the surest ways to interrupt that peace. Get back to gardening bliss (and good water pressure) with one of these attractive garden hose storage options.

SPI Aluminum Lovebirds Hose Holder

Let the birds watch over your garden with this decorative hose holder. The bracket itself is made of iron that has a weathered finish. The lovebirds are aluminum, with a stunning patina. The holder installs easily by hanging over a wall-mount faucet head and accommodates a 50-foot hose. Available on Amazon

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Liberty Garden Aluminum Wall Mount Hose Reel

Gardeners looking to add old-time charm to their home’s exterior should consider Liberty Garden’s floral-inspired, wall-mount hose reel. Made of aluminum with a weather-resistant, powder-coated finish, this reel holds 125 feet of 5/8” hose and comes with a leader hose to connect to your spigot. The shelf above the reel is a handy place to keep pruning shears or a trowel. Available on Amazon

GOFORWILD Decorative Hose Butler

This garden hose station from GOFORWILD holds a 125-foot hose, so no matter where you stake it in your yard, you’ll still be within easy reach of your garden. Rust-resistant steel construction means that this decorative hose holder will be the “star” of your yard for years to come. Available on Amazon

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Industrial-Grade Garden Hose Reel Cart

Got a big watering job? This industrial-grade, steel garden hose reel cart from Liberty Garden Products is up to the task. Its 8″ pneumatic tires can roll 300 feet of industrial strength garden hose over any terrain with ease. Available on Amazon

LifeSmart Ribbed Steel Garden Hose Pot

LifeSmart marries the hose reel and pot together in this brass garden hideaway that’s finished in a pleasing copper tone. At 12 pounds, it’s super sturdy and is not easily overturned when it’s windy outside. The pot is 13 inches high and 17 inches in diameter, which is more than enough room to accommodate a 100- or 150-foot garden hose. Available on Amazon

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Rolio Expandable Hose

It’s a hose and reel all-in-one! Rolio’s portable hose reel is equipped with a 50-foot expandable hose that shrinks to 17 feet when it is not full of water. The reel has a convenient carrying handle, and comes with brass hose connectors. This product is a terrific solution for apartments, boats, or campers. Available on Amazon

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Suncast Hideaway Hose Reel

You can keep your garden hose neatly wrapped up and organized with Suncast’s hose reel hideaway, which is made of sturdy, attractive resin. A leader hose is included to bring water from the spigot to your hose; simply crank the handle to bring the hose back inside the box. The container can also double as a work surface for small tools while gardening. Available on Amazon.

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Giraffe Tools Retractable Heavy Duty Garden Hose Reel

A fade-proof garden hose reel that comes equipped with a 130-foot hose? Sign us up. Giraffe Tools’ sturdy polypropylene reel attaches to your home’s exterior, and swivels 180 degrees on its mounting bracket. The reel’s hose can be locked at any length and retracts slowly with a gentle tug. Available on Amazon

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Emsco Group Galapagos Frog Garden Hose Hider

Made of BPA-free, weather-resistant resin, this patinated frog would be “hoppy” to house a hose up to 100 feet long. The frog conceals a hose reel and comes with an anchoring system to keep it in place. (If you’d rather the frog hide garden gear instead of a hose, Emsco Group also sells the product without the hose reel.) Available on Amazon

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Garden Hose Storage Bag

Gardener’s Supply Company 

If grab-and-go hose storage is more your speed, this food-grade PVC and mesh bag may well fit the bill. Mesh sides allow the contained hose to dry quickly, and three front pockets keep nozzles and connectors close at hand. Hang the bag from a sturdy hook on the side of your house (or inside the garage). Holds hoses up to 150 feet long. Available at Gardener’s Supply Company.

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Beehive Hose Pot

This hive-shaped container is decorated with delightful pollinators, and “bee-lieve” it or not can hold a 100-foot hose inside. Made from a crushed stone composite, it has a removable lid for easy access, and drain holes to prevent debris and water from collecting inside. Available at Frontgate