The 7 Most Annoying Things About Buying a Home

Buying a home is a major milestone. By the time someone puts in an offer on that dream home, there have already been months of careful budgeting, scouring listings, and attending open houses. Soon after making that bid, however, buyers learn that real estate transactions rarely go down without a hitch. Here are the 7 most annoying things about buying a home, with tips for making the process less of a burden.

Deciding on a Budget

How to Budget When Buying a Home

The vast majority of house hunters have money limitations, meaning they need to hammer out a budget before perusing listings. Never let a real estate agent show you homes outside of your price point, and be sure to take the necessary closing and moving costs into consideration. Taking a conservative approach to your finances may seem irritating and constricting, but it will save you stress in the long run.

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Scheduling a Tour

How to Tour a House Listing

Did you fall in love with a home exterior? Unfortunately, actually getting inside the house may prove challenging, because you need to work around your schedule, the agent's, and the sellers'. Be patient. Your dream house is worth the wait!

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Negotiating with the Seller

How to Negotiate with Home Seller

After finding their dream home, buyers need to discuss price, closing logistics, and various other factors with the seller. This conversation usually involves plenty of back-and-forth, talking through third parties, and awaiting replies. But as annoying as negotiation may be, it’s a vital step in the home buying process.

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Inspecting the Property

Home Inspection

Once the seller accepts an offer, the buyer may think he's in the homestretch. Not so fast! The next step, the home inspection, could uncover a leaky roof, asbestos, faulty electrical wiring, or some other costly surprise. These problems require further negotiation with the seller, who will typically either rectify the issue or lower the home price as compensation.

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Dealing with the Mortgage Company

Mortgage When Buying a Home

Think you gave your mortgage lender everything they need? Obtaining a mortgage can be a nightmare, and chances are the lender will reach out again for additional information. It’s best to deal with the frustration calmly and quietly; unless they’re paying with cash, all buyers are stuck with the mortgage process.

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Closing the Deal

How to Close on a House

Banks love getting the best deal the market has to offer on interest rates. For that reason, a bank may wait until the last minute to finalize paperwork—a tactic that the buyer may find aggravating. That stressed-out buyer should also be prepared to sign countless documents at closing. Consider hiring a real estate lawyer to help navigate the process.

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Finding Discarded Items from the Seller

Seller Left Belongings in New Home

Although sellers should haul all their belongings to their new property, you may discover boxes in the attic or a broken piano in the basement. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about the discarded items after closing on the house—which makes this a great argument for a thorough walk-through before you close. After closing, however, your best recourse is to ask your new neighbors if they’d like anything, or take a trip to a donation center yourself.

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Be Prepared

Be Prepared

You can’t eliminate the hassles that come with buying a home, but you can prepare for them. With these pieces of advice, you’ll know what to expect from the real estate process.

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