These 9 Websites Make Buying or Selling Your Home Easier

Whether you’re selling a property or looking to buy, real estate transactions often seem daunting. At the very least, they require spending countless hours researching market trends, browsing listings, searching for a reputable real estate professional, and calculating potential mortgages. Fortunately, today’s technology makes these tasks a little less intimidating. Here are 9 of the best online real estate databases, all of which can help you buy or sell a home with ease.


Best Real Estate Website — Zillow

Since its 2006 launch, Zillow has become a go-to source for all aspects of real estate. Users can search more than 110 million homes in Zillow’s database (including properties both on and off the market), find an agent, calculate mortgages, peruse design galleries, and get a “Zestimate” (price estimate) of any home. Zillow’s search feature is especially detailed, making it easier for homeowners to find their dream dwelling with the click of a mouse. What’s more, the Seattle-based website has two dozen apps, giving users access across multiple platforms.

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Best Real Estate Website —Trulia

According to its website, Trulia “goes beyond the typical listings” to inform users about properties and neighborhoods. Like Zillow, it’s a great tool for browsing homes for sale and researching market information and mortgage rates. But Trulia also gathers data on various lifestyle factors in a community, like crime, school districts, market trends, commute estimates, “walk scores” that assess on-foot accessibility, and demographics. This information is indispensable for those relocating to an unfamiliar area. If you’re itching to immerse yourself in real estate on the go, simply download Trulia’s easy-to-navigate app.

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Best Real Estate Website —

Sponsored by the National Association of REALTORS®, has provided professional expertise to homeowners, buyers, and sellers since 1994. In fact, it was one of the first online real estate tools! Aside from hosting a database of listings and housing information, encourages users to connect with over 1 million local real estate agents, all of whom belong to the National Association of REALTORS®. Users can also can track their home valuation, equity, and mortgage.

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Best Real Estate Website —

Are you looking to rent instead of buy? Then head over to, which connects potential renters with apartments across the country. Narrow down the millions of listings with specific criteria; for example, search by neighborhood, price range, apartment type, commute time, pet policies, square footage, amenities, and more. Some listings even have virtual tours! Those who prefer mobile browsing can download the iOS and Android apps for

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Best Real Estate Website —

If you're in need of a wide range of resources, consult, which actually began as a real estate magazine. With more than 4 million listings, is a handy tool for those looking to buy or rent property. But users can also search prices on homes recently sold in a community, find real estate professionals, and read informative how-to articles about buying and selling homes.

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Best Real Estate Website —

Not every seller wants to hire a professional real estate agent. If you’re forgoing a broker, is the perfect guidebook, as evidenced by its tagline of “All You Need to Know to Sell Like a Pro.” The website helps sellers price, list, market, and show their homes. On the other hand, buyers can leaf through listings, find market information, compare home values, and more. Keep in mind, however, that this service isn’t free; the most popular plan requires a one-time payment of $349.

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Best Real Estate Website — Redfin

Residential brokerage company Redfin also runs a well-regarded real estate website. Its home search tool is extensive, giving users the option to search for fixer-uppers or homes with a view. But Redfin’s best feature is its ability to connect buyers and sellers with real estate agents. Scheduling a tour and finding open house information has never been easier. Redfin’s “Last Call” keeps you informed during bidding wars, while “Price Whisperer” gives sellers real-life feedback on their desired listing price.

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Best Real Estate Website —  RealtyTrac

Are you looking to channel your inner Chip and Joanna Gaines by purchasing a fixer-upper? Then consider getting a seven-day free trial to RealtyTrac, which lists more than 120 million foreclosed and bank-owned homes. You’ll also gain access to auction dates and locations, neighborhood data, property information, and real estate guides. If you decide you like the website, subscriptions cost $49.95 per month. RealtyTrac is the perfect place to find a bargain!

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Best Real Estate Website —  NeighborhoodScout

Relocating to a new neighborhood can be tough, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. NeighborhoodScout comes to the rescue, providing detailed real estate data on communities across the country, allowing you to compare different areas with ease. Use the website to learn about housing prices, neighborhood characteristics and demographics, school districts, crime rates, trends, and more. Subscriptions range from $39.99 to $199.99 per month.

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On the Web

On the Web

The buying and selling process will probably always feel a bit tedious, but thanks to these great websites some of the steps have become a lot easier!

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