These Curb Appeal Makeovers All Share 1 Thing in Common

Check out how a single change can make your home’s exterior more welcoming and beautiful.

By Oliver Harriett | Published May 22, 2020 05:49 PM

The Difference a New Garage Door Makes

improve curb appeal with a new garage door

Homeowners often put off exterior improvements because they dread taking on a large, pricey project with a lot of components. But what if just one simple change was all it took to refresh the front of your home, increasing curb appeal (and home value) in a big way? Upgrading to a new garage door can do just that. After all, the garage door is typically the first thing folks see when they approach your house, and if it looks great, it enhances everything around it. 

In the before-and-afters that follow, new garage doors made such impressive transformations that they prompted homeowners to enter—and, for several, even win!—the ImagineNation contest, which is sponsored every year by leading garage door manufacturer Clopay. Get clicking to check out seven stunning before-and-after transformations and learn about Clopay’s interactive tool that lets you envision how a new garage door can make your home's curb appeal soar.


dated garage door

The exterior of this midcentury modern house “needed a face-lift,” according to the Nebraska homeowner. The dreary, weathered garage door was uninspiring, and because it lacked windows, the garage interior received no natural light.

AFTER: Up-to-the-Minute

modern steel garage door

“We based the entire design around our new Clopay Modern Steel Collection garage door and we couldn’t be happier!” the homeowner enthuses. Long panel windows lend a streamlined look, while the Ultra-Grain Cypress Medium Finish adds a natural touch. This durable steel-panel door will maintain its striking appearance and stand up to those rough Nebraska winters, thanks to a tough protective-coating system that includes a hot-dipped galvanized layer and baked-on primer and top coat.


drab garage door

The one-piece white garage door was basic blah and did nothing to amp up the appeal of this Arizona ranch house.

AFTER: Charming

modern farmhouse garage door

To give their home a modern farmhouse vibe, the owners chose a garage door from Clopay’s Gallery Collection. Loaded with vintage charm, the carriage house door features wrought-iron strap hinges and handles, Walnut Ultra-Grain Finish, a grooved panel design, and—best of all—steel construction that offers the look of wood without all the upkeep. The homeowners are ecstatic about their reimagined house and love the way the new, dark-toned garage door pops against the white-painted exterior.

BEFORE: Worn-Out

worn out garage door

Even when it was brand-new, the gray-on-gray color scheme of this garage was lifeless and dull, better suited to a warehouse than a home. After the doors got grimy and the paint began to crack and peel, the homeowners knew it was time to make a change.

AFTER: Fresh

warm wood garage door

The natural look of wood took this exterior from grungy to gorgeous! The new garage doors—a present the homeowners gave themselves for their 35th wedding anniversary!—feature handsome hardware, mullioned windows, and a paneled effect that adds to the warm, organic vibe. Add a few potted plants and Old Glory waving in the breeze, and you've got some serious, welcoming curb appeal.


simple garage door

Beyond bland, this stolid white garage door detracted from the elegance of its 1960s house. The homeowners were also concerned that the flimsy door wouldn’t stand up to the severe storms that occasionally whip through their part of Florida.

AFTER: Sleek

sleek garage door

More makeover magic from the Clopay Modern Steel Collection! The sleek style of the garage door, with its vertical bank of long panel windows, is offset by the rich wood grain for a look that perfectly suits the 1960s architecture of the house. But beauty without strength won’t cut it, as the homeowner explains: “We are much safer with the wind-rated garage door, and survived Hurricane Irma without any problems!”

BEFORE: Dented

dented garage door

Matching a garage door to its trim is a dated idea. Once the door got dented, the homeowners decided to take the opportunity to boost their home's curb appeal with a fresh look.

AFTER: Beautiful

beautiful garage door

The new dark walnut, dent-resistant garage doors add fresh flair that’s sure to last. Beyond their striking appearance, these strong steel doors from the Clopay Gallery Collection boast Intellicore insulation technology with R-values up to 18.4 for improved energy efficiency. “The doors add charm, warmth, and beauty to our home,” say the owners, adding, “It was the easiest home renovation!"


dull garage door

Devoid of personality, the off-white garage door did nothing to enhance this otherwise inviting home.

AFTER: Gorgeous

gorgeous carriage garage door

A little bit country and a whole lot classy, a bright white garage door from Clopay’s Coachman Collection makes an impressive statement. “We are so happy with the quality and style [the new door] adds to our home!” say the owners, who were inspired to update the porch railing and trim, too, yielding remarkable results.


boring garage door

This monochrome exterior was foreboding and unfriendly. But rather than rushing into the project, the owner of the house put a lot of thought into a garage door replacement, explaining, “This is my forever home, and I didn’t want to make the wrong decision.”

AFTER: Sophisticated

nice wood garage door

With woodsy warmth and simple windows, the new garage door and its complementary front door add a sophisticated farmhouse feel. And talk about exciting the neighborhood! “People drive by and yell, ‘I love the new garage doors!’ ” the homeowner reports.

Imagine Better Curb Appeal

Clopay Door Imagination System

If you’re inspired to amp up your home’s curb appeal with one smart, simple move, take the next step right now. Go to Clopay’s Door Imagination System, a clever, easy interactive tool that lets you see how a new garage door will totally transform the front of your home. Just upload a photo of your abode and start visualizing!

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