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Following This Car Maintenance Routine Could Lengthen the Life of Your Car
A version of this story originally appeared on The Drive. BobVila. com is partnering with The Drive to share syndicat...
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Remove a Stuck Key from the Ignition with This DIY Fix
A version of this story originally appeared on The Drive. BobVila. com is partnering with The Drive to share syndicat...
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The Best Pry Bars for Your Tool Kit
Wrecking bars, crowbars, and pry bars are often combined in the same category, but important differences exist. One o...
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9 Things No One Tells You About Owning an RV
While #VanLife may look great on social media, driving and maintaining an RV isn't as easy as you might think.
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The Best Key Organizers to Carry With You
No morning ritual is complete without patting pockets and checking bags for the daily necessities: smartphone, wallet...
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How to Jump-Start a Car Without Another Car
A version of this story originally appeared on The Drive. BobVila. com is partnering with The Drive to share syndicat...
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The Best Trunk Organizers for the Car
Getting a car’s trunk organized is a bit different from getting organized in the home. Often, people keep and transpo...
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The Best Tire Pressure Gauges for Car Owners
As Taylor Swift sang, "the devil's in the details. ” You might not think a simple thing like tire pressure is crucial...
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The Best Leather Cleaners for Your Car Interiors and Furniture
Leather is one of the most durable fabrics around, so it’s often found in both car interiors and home furnishings. Le...
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7 Reasons Your Car Heater Isn't Working Properly
A version of this story originally appeared on The Drive. BobVila. com is partnering with The Drive to share syndicat...
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The Best Gas Cans for Safe Fuel Storage
Whether storing fuel for your power equipment or emergency preparedness, having the best gas can for you on hand help...
Tag icon article
The Best Tire Inflators for Car Owners
Most drivers have looked down at their dashboard and noticed a warning light indicating a tire with low pressure. If ...
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Old-School Car Maintenance Tricks All Drivers Should Know
There’s no need to go to a mechanic for all of your car maintenance needs. You can perform these tried-and-true fixes yourself with things you probably have layin...
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10 Genius Gadgets to Bring on Your Next Road Trip
Don't leave for your next road trip without these cool gadgets that you can plug into your car.
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The Best Torque Wrenches for the Garage
A torque wrench is a specialized tool prominent in automotive repair that addresses various parts of a car. For examp...
Tag icon article
The Best Ratchet Straps for Securing and Hauling Your Gear
When transporting your gear on the road, it’s important that your equipment be secured to your vehicle. If ropes or m...
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9 Problems That Could Be Activating Your Car’s Check Engine Light
Although it may sometimes seem like it, that little dashboard light is not there just to annoy the driver. No, it actually serves an important function: to alert ...
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9 Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Car
Keep your ride clean, uncluttered, and organized with these easy tips for making the most of your car’s storage space.
Tag icon slideshow
8 Ways to Stay Cool When Your Car’s AC Gives Up
When your car's AC dies, there's still hope for a comfortable ride. We’ve put together some helpful tricks for keeping the summer heat from ruining your commute w...
Tag icon article
The Best Mechanic Tool Sets for DIYers
A basic tool kit with the DIY essentials—a hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, and nails and screws—can see you thro...
Tag icon article
Buyer's Guide: Ratchet Wrenches
If you’ll be doing repairs around the house or on your car, you’re likely going to need a ratchet—a wrench with a fas...
Tag icon article
The Best Ice Scrapers for Cold-Weather Driving
Removing frost and ice from your windshield is a straightforward task—just grab an ice scraper and get to work. But n...
Tag icon slideshow
12 Maintenance Mistakes That Shorten the Life of Your Car
Our cars play vital roles in our lives, getting us to and from work, school, the dentist’s office, and the kids’ softball games, but in the process they experienc...
Tag icon slideshow
12 Winter Emergency Supplies You Should Always Keep in Your Car
No matter the weather, you can have the peace of mind that you're prepared with these items stowed in the back of your car.
Tag icon slideshow
7 Car Sounds You Should Never Ignore
A little bit of noise is to be expected when your car is running, but certain sounds can be indications that something's amiss. Always keep your ears open when yo...
Tag icon slideshow
Everything You Need for Tailgating Season This Year
Changing leaves and a brisk chill in the air are signs that it’s that time of the year—tailgating season! To ensure you’ve got the best party in the parking lot, ...
Tag icon slideshow
Bob Vila's Guide to Cleaning Your Car
When spring temperatures hit and winter has finally churned out its last storm, it’s likely that your car could use a little care and attention. After all, car cl...
Tag icon slideshow
12 Mistakes That Make Your Car Vulnerable to Break-Ins
It’s no secret that Americans practically live in their cars, treating them as a home away from home. But cars are typically much easier to break into than the av...
Tag icon slideshow
14 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Your Car
Are you spending more money than necessary to maintain and run your car? We're compiled a list of 14 common auto maintenance practices that are real money-wasters...
Tag icon article
How To: Check and Dispose of Old Antifreeze
Changing your antifreeze is an important part of preparing your car for cold weather. Antifreeze (also known as coola...
Tag icon slideshow
10 Things You Need to Keep Your Car Clean
You spend a lot of time in your car—the daily commute, the regular errands, road trips, and running to and fro. So, it makes sense that the car interior and exter...
Tag icon slideshow
10 Ways to Keep Your Car From Getting Stolen
A well-trained thief can break into your car in less than 10 seconds, and it takes only a minute to hot-wire it and drive off. A car is stolen approximately every...
Tag icon slideshow
8 Easy Ways to Winter-Proof Your Car
You can’t stop the cold weather from coming, but you can be ready when it hits. Before the temperatures plummet, take these 8 precautions to winter-proof your car...
Tag icon slideshow
15 Genius Tricks for Keeping Your Car Clean
Whether you drive a family-friendly SUV, an oh-so-professional sedan, or an economy-minded compact, it can be tough to keep your ride looking its best. To the res...
Tag icon slideshow
13 Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know
Your car is an extension of your home, but how often do you treat it with the same TLC you give your house? Keep your wheels in good condition with these simple-b...
Tag icon slideshow
The 10 Best Accessories You Can Buy for Your Car
You don't need to mortgage the house to be able to afford a car with the latest bells and whistles. Instead of splurging for a new set of wheels, build on what yo...
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